9 type of men, Which will drive crazy any woman World

By nature we are all different and each of us has an individual taste and preferences, ranging from addictions to food and ending with the opposite sex. Though all of us and different from each other, each national unites one thing, for example, traditions, national cuisine and standards of beauty. We invite you to find out what type of men from the 9 countries of the world is the most attractive to women.


To understand how popular Australian man, just look at the ratings of the sexiest actors - Australians Hemsworth brothers are always in the top ten. Relief muscle and dice on his stomach - must-have for anyone who spends most of his life on the beach. Australian men are not averse to trip to the beautician and even plastic surgery - rhinoplasty, face lift and correction of ears in the Green Continent is not uncommon. The average growth of the Australian - 175 cm.


In Korea, as well as China and Japan, sets the standards of male beauty pop culture, amazing and scandalous. There beautician man weighs less than women, and it does not cause too many questions. Lip gloss, gel for eyebrows and even BB-cream at the average young Koreans in active use. Among other signs: neat hair, reminiscent of women's haircuts piie, and, most importantly, no beard - the world trend lean Asians are not supported. Plastic in high esteem: an increase in the eye, get rid of the "third age", injection - male arsenal of procedures is increasing every year.


Although Bollywood strongly glorifies the image of a strong manly male Indian man addicted to "jars" - 65% of the male cosmetics is sold here and in nearby regions. A particular success enjoyed by means of bleaching creams and hair care products. In recent years, the Indians not only experimenting with style hairstyle and hair color.


In our country, a handsome man - a strong man. In all senses of the word. Not only oblique seven feet at the shoulders, and a stable position in society. And the blonde hair and the eyes, large hands, confident gait - is about the ideal of beauty describe Russian women. With cosmetics our men still it's complicated: while in the capital, one after another opened Barbera fashion shops in the region are still indecent moisturize lip balm (at least publicly). Not to mention the matting powder or, say, facial peels. That is what Russian men are willing to spend time and money - shaving products, perfumes and oral care.


French reputation as a skilled seducer affects their appearance - in general, they always look well-groomed and stylish. It's not just a neat haircut and unshaven, the French are closely watching the little things: for instance, run regularly brushing your teeth, doing manicures, use eye drops. As for the clothes, a solid place in the wardrobe of the average inhabitant of France given the accessories: scarves, shawls, gloves, hat and glasses. Hence the sense of reasonableness image.


If the countries of Asia in the cult erected fair skin, in England all the way around. The most popular procedure among men - the application of self-tanning. Albion is not spared and the main fashion masculine "attribute" of our time - a beard. Although British women, according to the polls, prefer men with "soft" persons: without massive lower jaw, thin, clean-shaven, with lips average. David Beckham is probably the canonical example of English male beauty. By the way, the tattoo - another "fad" Englishman. The drawings on the body there every fifth inhabitant of the country.


"The main thing to suit sat" - that is now the credo of the Italians, passionate lovers of fashion, luxury fabrics and interesting prints. Italian men love and know how to care for themselves, without losing courage and remain attractive to the opposite sex. The Italian even have a special term «sprezzatura», which can be roughly translated as the ability to pay attention to detail as if by chance, with irony, that all create a sense of unbearable lightness and carelessness.


In place of metrosexuals come lamberseksualy. From English «lumberseual» - so to say "sexy lumberjack." Lamberseksualy - strong guys with pumped torso, leaving no hint of androgyny, tattooed and - certainly! - Bearded. The bushy, the better. Plus plaid shirt, straight jeans and hoodies - so now they look not only Rangers Utah, but the inhabitants of Manhattan.


A typical Brazilian - a mix of the most attractive features borrowed from different nations. Olive skin - a legacy of the Portuguese, bright eyes - the Germans. Blond hair in conjunction with tanned skin, «si-pack abs» as a mandatory part of the image (and what else to shine on the beaches of Copacabana, when you only shorts and a baseball cap?), Carefully adjusted at the surgeon's nose, ears and lips. You will be in Rio de Janeiro, look how cool looking local men as compared to the same local women who fast friends with cellulite and overweight, but do not hesitate to wear crop tops and mini-skirts. Brazilian children are susceptible to curvy shape, and this is another indisputable advantage in their tanned relief karma!


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