13 Photos how to look Beauty around the world

We live in a great world; People in different countries, quite different attitudes to many things, including a female beauty standards. Let's look at the ideals of feminine beauty from around the world. All these women, of course, beautiful women, wherever they happen to be at the same time, but in their own countries, they are the real standard of beauty. Which of these goddesses you prefer?

France - Natural

In France, preference is given to natural beauty. The less makeup - the better. Hair - a natural disorder. A woman can be stylish and elegant at any age - that is truly French approach to female beauty

Malaysia -. Pale and small size

In Malaysia, appreciate light skin tone, as in many other Asian countries. The lighter the skin - the better, and if the so-called "pearl white" color, everything else does not really matter. Well, except for refined figure, of course.

Australia - Sports and Activity

In Australia, you need to look good in a bikini, or in any way. They appreciate sports, athletic and tanned beach beauties. Well, what do you want from a country where most of the population lives on the coast or near it.

Poland - Proportionality and prettiness

In Poland, for physical attractiveness do not need a high growth, large breasts or thighs steep. They appreciate the well-built proportional body and long hair -. Or straight or wavy

Sweden - Nordic haute couture

The Swedes are famous for their blond hair - often almost white or platinum, Nordic blue eyes and high cheekbones. And that is how, in their opinion, should look sexually attractive woman. But one looks is not enough: it must be sure to dress for the last word in high fashion. The approach to the style described by the phrase "the less - the better" (this also applies to make-up and bright colors in clothes). Everything should be simple, nice and elegant.

South Korea - Lighter than everyone else

Widely spaced round eyes and very pale, "porcelain" skin - the main features that attract the attention of a woman in South Korea. Such standards of beauty leads to the fact that one in ten women in South Korea falls under the surgeon's knife to change the shape of the eyes and make them "better". In addition, women are changing the shape of an oval face, narrowing his (V-line operation involves resection of bone and buccal fat removal).

Iran - An elegant nose

Despite the severe dress code, Iranian women are just as worried about their appearance as women in other countries. Perhaps it was the fact that they are bundled cloth from head to toe, makes them so carefully take care of a single plot uncovered - face. They want their face was so beautiful, that did not matter, except that he did not see anything. So they let his eyes with antimony and carefully comb the eyebrows. But the main feature of a high status and beauty is what it looks like their nose. It has to be perfect. Therefore, all the polls do rhinoplasty and proudly wear bandages after surgery. Over the past year more than 70 thousand for rhinoplasty operations were carried out in the country.

US - Total, and more

! In America, it is difficult to select any single standard of beauty, because it is a country in which all ethnic groups mingled and formed an explosive mixture. But there is something in common, that the Americans consider sexually attractive in a woman: it is slim and / or athletic build, tall, big breasts, healthy tan, big eyes. Bright make-up does not bother anyone, if it is applied skillfully.

Brazil - Country supermodels

In Brazil, women are considered the most attractive, slender blonde with bronzed skin and light eyes. These women every day are doing manicure, waxing and go for a massage - in Brazil, it is important to always look perfectly groomed

Pakistan -. This Snow White

Here is another country that is hardly the first comes to mind when thinking about the sexy babe. A must because in Pakistan are so many beautiful women. The standards are as follows: light, creamy skin, long black hair, blue or green eyes


Thailand - Femininity

Thailand is not original: they also love cute and petite women with fair skin. Therefore, there is so popular whitening creams and appropriate treatments. Again, light skin - a sign of wealth and high social status


Denmark - Barbie-Girls

Another Nordic countries and another ideal of beauty in the "blond" style. The Danes, like the Swedes, like a very light hair, but it seems that they like even the presence of contrasting black - clearly marked with the black eyeliner. At correctly picked the face of such a contrast can look very sexy.

Serbia - Very clear standards

In Serbia, there is a very clear standards of sexual attractiveness: olive complexion, full lips, small neat nose, big blue eyes, very thin and high cheekbones. Wow! The Serbs seem to know what they want.

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