Secret Dreams: Scientists have explained the 10 Standard Plots Sleep

It happens to everyone. You had a wonderful day, and you for no reason at all a nightmare. You love your mate, and you betrayed dreams of sex with another / others. Or are you, like, even without believing in "all this nonsense", secretly rejoice or worry terribly, seeing a dream, "traditionally" boding happiness or misfortune.

In fact, as the scientists say, Dreams are rarely mean exactly what a dream, and even more rarely are prophetic. The famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung over the years has analyzed more than 20,000 dreams and come to the conclusion that they are - the key to our subconscious. His modern successors improve this theory, helping to understand what the screams subconscious using "night movie».

With the right approach from dreams can extract tons of important information, and even to adjust their lives. The main thing - do not take them literally and symbolically. They are full of metaphors that correspond to different aspects of your personality and tells you what you need to pay attention now.

And remember that dream content can depend on many factors, even the posture in which you sleep. For example, one small study in 2004 showed that people sleeping on the left side, the nightmares are significantly more likely than those who used to sleep on the right.

Well, now you can move on to concrete examples. One of the modern school of Young Professionals, Ph.D. Carder Stout, at the request of HuffPost Lifestyle interpreted the 10 most common dreams.

< 1. If you regularly dreaming the same nightmare

Throughout life we ​​have to experience a lot of negative, and the most severe upheaval as if we "absorb", eventually getting psychological trauma. The human brain is so constituted that keeps negative experience rather than get rid of it. Recurring nightmares - a signal that it is time to pay attention to the problem, otherwise it will grow and become worse

2.. If you dream of your ex / your ex

The particular familiar person you dream often is not himself, but something within us that is connected with this person. To understand what it may be, ask yourself what it is for you, what qualities have, what more closely resembles? Let's say your ex-partner was "too zamorochennye" - then saw him in a dream, you have to look at this line in itself - maybe it's time to change something

3?. If you dream that you are pregnant

This can dream not only to women, although they are - more often. Many dream books claim that this is for profit. However, psychiatrists interpret a dream differently: it means that inside you there is a certain new energy, new, perhaps not even conscious ideas. Perhaps you are experiencing a kind of rebirth, moving in a new direction, to change, enter a new phase of his life.

< 4. If you dream that you dropped (and) the tooth (s)

This is one of the most common human dreams, regardless of culture, background and environmental conditions. Many traditionally considered it one of the most ominous portends death of loved ones. But is it fear?

Let's see what it means to tooth loss in ordinary, real life. The teeth grow in early childhood, falls in the transition to adolescence and then grow again. That is, the teeth fall out associated with the transition period in our lives when the changes cause anxiety, anxiety and fear. By and large, the dream of the fallen teeth - a symbol that you are growing, changing, evolving

5.. If you dream of the death

Remember, paragraph 3? Death in the dream should be treated the same as the birth of a new life. In this case, the dream symbolizes that some aspect of our "I", something that was in us, the more we serve not die, and we are beginning to move in a new direction. In reality, this may correspond to anything - the dismissal, transfer or painful process of separation, causing a feeling of sorrow. In general, dreams about death - a dream that we let go of ourselves

6.. If you dream of having an affair on the side

The essence of this dream - dishonesty, deceit, but not in relation to your partner, as can be understood literally, and in relation to himself. It proves that you are suppressing yourself, what do not pay attention. Treason in the dream indicates that you are wrong in relation to its own principles and requirements.

< 7. If you dream of animals

As with tooth loss, dreams of animals typical of all peoples on the planet. But in different cultures animals symbolize different things.

Take, for example, snakes. To see what your subconscious tells you with this creature, start with a personal experience: you live snake? you saw a snake at a pet store? Then move on to the subconscious: are you afraid of snakes? are you interested in? what they mean to you? Finally, refer to what is known about the snakes where you live: myths, legends, beliefs, etc. All these things must be considered in order to understand his dream.

For example, in different cultures, the snake symbolizes deception, wisdom, renewal (snakes shed their skin), power, and other magical and mystical things. Analyze each item one by one and eventually get your personal clue.

< 8. If you dream of a school or a job

Most often, these dreams are alarming: an exam or a meeting, and you are not ready, everything is already in the collection, and you are late, classmates or colleagues are skeptical or disapproving towards you, etc. All this means only one thing - your vulnerability. You scared the idea that you are "see through" see who you really know about you is something that you want to hide (not necessarily horrible and shameful things, and your weaknesses such as lack of knowledge, uncertainty and so on.).

Even if we are absolutely honest in their professional activity and puts your best, we continue to wear a mask and do not reveal all its ins and outs, even friends. The idea that we can lose this protection, creates a sense of vulnerability, as if we suddenly found themselves in the classroom in his shorts (if not naked).

< 9. If you dream of an incredible adventure

Perhaps this is the coolest dreams! For example, when you fly. Most often it manifests itself as uncontrolled energy come from childhood. Then the spirit of adventure, not limited to mature thinking, forcing us to act impulsively, and we actually lived in an imaginary world.

What are these dreams? What a piece of childhood, which is preserved within you, undeservedly forgotten and requires release. Maybe we should sometimes act impulsively and less to think over every step? Maybe too "adult" approach to everything slows you? Maybe you're working too hard, mired in concerns and abandoned the infantile part of himself?

< 10. If you dream of eating

Again, do not take it literally. If you dream of a true gourmet feast, consider what you are trying to replace a meal? Let's say you're a workaholic. In this case, the dream is telling you, you absorb too much of the labor power, so that is about to burst, and your life has no room left for other things. Or, if you dream about malnutrition, hunger, ask yourself what you passionately want? Which part is within you "hungry" and needs "feeding»?

So psychiatrists school Jung interpret the most "popular" dreams. And they advise: the next time you dream of a vivid dream, jot it as soon as you wake up, and try to decipher. If you learn to read the messages from your own deep "I" and use them correctly, you can become healthier and happier!

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