For the first time in the colors: 25 rare historical footage with breathtaking

< These photos even in the original, black and white have seen a few, but they appreciate connoisseurs and history buffs.

Thanks to enthusiasts Reddit ColorizedHistory Community ( "Painted History"), we have the opportunity not only to join the unique events of the past, but to get a truly thrilling experience.

< 1. Stalin and Churchill at the Livadia Palace in the famous Yalta Conference in February 1945.

One of the comments to this photo: "Young Stalin - so handsome! His clothes, his style, his hair ... He looks like a modern hipster! »


2. Inside the world's largest (at the time) the airship "Hindenburg", committing the transatlantic flights, in 1936.

Before modern aircraft, it was the most luxurious way to air travel: strolling gallery, a restaurant with a kitchen, shower and even a special smoking room with a single electric cigarette lighter on board (all other things that could cause the slightest spark, subject to mandatory surrender before planting). In the photo you can see one of the rooms of the restaurant with the slanted windows, where passengers can enjoy the expanse of ocean bottom.


3. The collapse of the "Hindenburg", 3 May 1937.

However zeppelin waiting for a terrible fate: once during landing in the US state of New Jersey, he caught fire, exploded and crashed to the ground. The accident happened in a year after the first flight. It is striking that 97 of 62 people on board survived and were able to get out of the burning wreckage.


4. Russian prisoners of war captured during the Russo-Finnish Winter War, 1940.

Although no explanation picture story is not clear, the audience was impressed by its deep expressive. "Amazing, like a frame from the movie! The soldier unusual sight, "- they admire

. a6e2dc0306.jpg

5. John F. Kennedy - a Harvard graduate, 1940

. In this photo, the future US President in '23. His discharge (as we say, a diploma) work supervisors evaluated as "poorly written, but honestly and reasonably". Perhaps it would have been forgotten, among other ordinary work, but it Kennedy raised the issue of "democratic opposition to the communist world" - what political scientists of the time hardly touched

. e4fcc02ad3.jpg

6. Hero of Soviet Union Lyudmila Pavlichenko - the most successful female sniper in history

. After a serious injury in 1942 it withdrew from the front and sent to the United States with the delegation of Soviet youth. Inlet travel around the country, organized by the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, said Pavlichenko memorable speech before a crowd of thousands in Chicago. "Gentlemen! I am 25 years old. At the front, I had already destroyed 309 Nazis. Do not you think, gentlemen, that you are hiding behind my back too long ?! "After a moment of confusion the public approval rustled.


7. Belarusian children watch from the shelter, the Germans bombed Minsk, June 1941.

Picture taken June 24 - on the second day of the Great Patriotic War. Massive Minsk bombing began at 9 am and continued until 9 pm at intervals of 20-30 minutes. City, mainly wood, caught fire instantly. Local air defense resources were not enough to keep the defense, so that Minsk was virtually destroyed, and only for that day killed Bole 1000. And 4 days later, on June 28 in the city entered Hitler's troops.


8. British tattoo artist George Barchett, nicknamed "King of the tattoo", for his work in the cabin, about 1930.

Among the clients of "King" were the real rulers - English George V, Spanish Alfonso XIII, Denmark Frederik IX

. b50a08f4ee.jpg

9. The top of the crown of the Statue of Liberty and the view from the torch. The height from the ground - 93 m

. The original black and white photo was taken in 1914. Rays of the corona look militant, but in fact only represent "the seven seas and seven continents." Interestingly, the statue of the French Furnace Copper Russian origin. It was inaugurated in New York in 1886 to about 1900 preserved the original copper color, and then "turned green" became such what it is known all over the world today.


10. When there was no air conditioning ... Little New Yorkers are cooled in the heat licking block of ice, 1912.


11. Fearless stuntman and acrobat Jamie Reynolds, known as "Man-fly" teetering on the edge of the roof of 4-story building in Washington, DC, 1917.

Reynolds toured America with their spectacular performances, which always attract crowds of onlookers and covered in detail in the local newspapers.


12. vest Test in Washington, 1923.

Vest weighed 5 kg, it fits close to the body and was considered more comfortable than the previous model. During the live demonstrations made in the chest from a distance of less than 3 meters in the police department and the shots from a revolver, according to eyewitnesses, the man under the bullets "did not bat an eye." Vest with dents was presented to one of the police officers as a souvenir.


13. Daughters of the last All-Russian Emperor Nicholas II, Grand Duchess Maria, Olga, Anastasia and Tatiana, about 1910.


14. Marilyn Monroe speaks to US troops in Korea, 1954.


15. Japanese samurai, Yokohama, 1881.


16. Founder of Apple, Steve Dzhobc about 1985.

In this photo, the genius of IT for about 30 years. It was a difficult period for him - just as the 85th he lost a power struggle with the board of directors of Apple, and left the company. Without it, she nearly became bankrupt, but Jobs regained control over it in 1997, and not only saved Apple from financial ruin, but also led to a profit - a year

. 2e848cb1f8.jpg

17. Morning after the wreck of "Titanic", April 16, 1912: A boy selling evening newspaper with a message about the tragedy

. e2903d44ad.jpg

18. "Highest cowboy" Ralph Madsen growth of 2, 28 m shakes hands with US Senator Maurice Sheppard, 1919.

Ralph was the only giant in his family, his parents and siblings were of average height. He almost all his life engaged in farming, but wanted to serve in the army. But because of the huge size was not taken into the army or in the States or in Canada.


19. And this is the great silent film comedian. Guess Who?

Of course, Charlie Chaplin, which is difficult to learn without the classic bowler, sad-up eyes and mustache brush. Here the actor 27 years (1916).


20. "Secret meeting" Elvis Presley with US President Richard Nixon, 1970.

It discussed the unexpected topics, from the threat of communism and the "pernicious" influence Beatles to America. And Elvis then tried on the role of federal agent, intending to secretly help the government in the fight against drug addiction.


21. Miss America 1924 Route Molkomson, representing Philadelphia. 84,564,666

22. Japanese archers kyudoka about 1860.

The very art of archery as part of the martial arts of feudal Japan called kyudo. A kyudoka can be translated as "walking the path of the bow».


23. And looks medieval "punishment of shame" - wallow in the resin and feathers, 1918

. The photo captures the American farmer of German descent, John Mainz, which during the First World War, the locals put on trial Lynch on suspicion of "lack of loyalty to the United States." Then Mainz pleaded with their offenders, but the judgment was not in his favor. It was only after his appeal conflict was settled out of court.


24. The famous four Beatles in 1962.


25. Yuri Gagarin, first man in space.

From the comments: "In the era of the space race was not more well-known people in the world than the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and American astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first walk on the moon. They knew even in the most remote corners of the planet

. " f4b3ed1b22.jpg

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