25 rare historical photographs, breathtaking

Archival footage have a high value because you view them, you can touch the history and see the past as it really was. When you look at these pictures, one wonders: "Is this really true?ยป

Website brought to you these pictures. They will open another part of history and help to look at the past in a new way.

In 1947, the British colony of Zanzibar, off the east coast of Africa. Exhausted nurse posing beside his pet named Farrukh Bulsara. After a quarter-century boy takes an alias Freddie Mercury.

Native American tribal group the Sioux on horseback, 1905. (Colorization Dana Keller).

Moving the 7600-ton multi-family residential buildings, to pave the boulevard in the Romanian city of Alba Iulia, 1987.

Claude Monet on the background of his paintings, in 1923. (Colorization Dana Keller).


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