For various reasons, the spirits intervene in our lives by influencing our mind. They can get into it so deeply that you will not be distinguished from the others' thoughts and the spirit will be completely controlled by you, or even take over your body. The reason for that - voluntary vpuskanie spirit in itself.

At first he was a little breaks in your mind, sending thoughts into the form of energy, such as negative in someone's address, and we perceive it as their own, indulge, and in rare cases begin to argue with ourselves, but in fact the other entity. Further, this entity is increasingly pervades our thinking is already beginning to guide our actions and behavior. Surrounding begin to notice that your character has changed, you become a different person. But in fact you were the same, just your will is suppressed, you headed extraneous substance, and you accept it as himself and therefore does not feel dirty trick.

That's the whole point - to get you to the essence, its impact on you as yourself, as your own thoughts, as his nature. But it is often you feel uncomfortable, as if it were not for you, you little realize that everything that happens in your head - not all of your will, but convince yourself that all is well and we reject this possibility. Thus, you are making a big mistake, and whose spirits are - your unwillingness to recognize reality.

Not always one person manages one spirit. Especially if the person sociable and visited many different places: every spirit trying to stay a little longer, but then in the human mind enters a different spirit, and displaces or infringes first. Often run by several spirits, to varying degrees. This explains the reason racket - when everything turns out as if by itself, and the person does not feel any responsibility for his actions and their consequences, even though outwardly it seems so. Even when they are making a big mistake, and say - "the devil has beguiled," or "I do not know what came over me."

The reluctance to be responsible and make their own decisions - the same trick for the spirits are you waiting for, as if asking permission to do something, and then spirit starts to guide you - "do so and so, all will be well." The man begins to make tentative steps, but on "his" solutions become harder, not in the conventional sense: for him and for others they are still soft and wind, but despite this, he worked hard they should be. So the spirit enters the mind, and not necessarily that it penetrates into the very idea that space people can still keep under his bridle. Spirits is necessary for energy, of course, negative - because it is easy, and in their case is almost the only possible produce.

When the spirit enters the mind to provoke release of this energy can be seen as a change in the bad side of the relationship in the family, with friends and in a team. This is - the result of the work of the spirit. It can even keep "under the control" of the entire family. Spirit of the Dead may be the soul, not yet incarnate entity egregor or any other creature. In the first two cases, they just want to live in the physical world, as more support is needed, but because they have no body, they use all available opportunities. To guard against such an impact, you need a good control your mind and to be aware, do not think that is causing your discomfort and protest. In this case, you will immediately notice if someone will penetrate into your mind.

Moreover, much, in most cases, the error we make under the influence of spirits. As already mentioned, when "the devil has beguiled," or "I do not know what came over me." Therefore it is necessary to control their emotions, and - at the slightest pretext may be "storm", which will result in a quarrel or a foolish, if not control the storm. This provokes spirit - guides you in the flow of energy from the thought-form enclosed (but not necessarily, maybe not) to cause a chain reaction, in which you select more energy. And what have you done in your life because of this, it is of little interest. Forewarned - is forearmed.


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