An exciting journey through time: 20 unique historical pictures that revive the past.

Do you want to see the past in its purest form, without unnecessary embellishment and surroundings and immerse yourself into it with your head? In these rare archival footage is a message to descendants through the decades, centuries and even millennia. Seeing these pictures, you seem to have to go there and be able to witness with their own eyes what is today called history. These pictures speak louder than any historical treatises. It is 20 interesting historical pictures that will enliven the past. Read the story in 2-3 minutes. After all, as you know, who do not know the past, is not worthy of the future. Watch and enjoy. From that time travel is really breathtaking.

The poor man runs headlong crew for George V, in 1920.


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Print at the entrance to the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. She remained untouched for 3245 years. B>


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color-coding: the great Claude Monet posing on the background of his paintings, in 1923.


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colorization: Madison Square Park, the beginning of the twentieth century.


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Workers Disney dine in a special dining room for them, 1961.


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The legendary Fab Four The Beatles speaking before a small audience of listeners in a modest club Aldershot Town in December 1961. Only a year and a half of them spoke the whole world. B>


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colorization: Indian Sioux resting on a horse in 1905.


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The world's largest camera, 1900.


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flight simulator, 1942.


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Racing employees of the company "Fiat" on the roof of the first plant opened in Turin, Italy, in 1923.


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hangout for drug opium, Singapore, 1941.


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Women's boxing on the roof of high-rise buildings, in 1930.


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The action takes place in the picture in 1947 in the British colony of Zanzibar, which is near the east coast of Africa. The nurse posing with his favorite pupil - Farrukh Bulsara, who through some sort of a quarter-century will be known to all of Freddie Mercury. B>


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Mobile pool or basseynomobil, New York, 1960.


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colorization: Marilyn Monroe at a meeting with the military in 1954.


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Steven Spielberg on the set of the first film Indiana Jones, 1980.


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Move 7,600-ton blocks of flats, Romania, Alba Iulia, 1987.


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Very young sellers of newspapers went on a smoke break, 1910.

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The first hard disk the size of a 5 MB are loaded aboard the plane PanAm, 1965.


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newsboy informs passers of the collapse of the "Titanic", 1912.


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I wanted to mention one thing, but no, all photos are impressive! If your friends are poorly acquainted with world history - not a problem. Show them pictures of these fascinating historical and help catch up.

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