The 12 best movies about time

People are constantly trying to win time. To grow up faster, to stop a moment, to stay young. But time flows inexorably, destroying culture and building a new civilization.

Movies tell not only about the journey through the years. Time they can be not only a conventional measure, but very real currency, the shortage of which leads to death.

After watching the best movies about time you start to appreciate each lived minute – after all, back they come back only in the movies. In life go away forever.


1. Time (2011)

Welcome to the world where time has become the single most hard currency, where people are genetically programmed so that in 25 years longer to age. However, subsequent years cost money. And now the rich are getting virtually immortal, and the poor, as always, doomed to fight for life. Will, a rebel from the ghetto, unjustly accused of murder with intent to Rob time and forced, taking a hostage on the run. So, every minute risking their lives, these two become a formidable weapon in the fight

 2. Frozen in time (2011)

The film is about a beautiful town called Rockwell. In the picturesque Rockwell time stood still. Now nobody hurts, nobody gets old, nobody dies in car accidents. Residents of Rockwell as if frozen in time. This continues for a long time – since the tragic accident involving a bus which claimed the lives of members of the basketball team of the local school. It would seem that people who are not limited in time, should be happy...


3. Groundhog day (1993)

TV commentator Phil Connors each year comes to a small town in Pennsylvania to celebrate Groundhog Day. But this time the fun risk going too far. Time played a trick on him: it took and stopped. Now on the calendar Phil blackens the same date — February 2, from which it can not escape. The irrepressible presenter is trying to capitalize on its comical situation: in front of him all the time in the serene and predictable future.


4. The prophet (2007)

Chris Johnson has a secret poison of his life: he can predict the near future. Tired of the endless attention of the government and medical centers are trying to unravel the nature of his amazing abilities, Chris falls to the bottom. Under an assumed name, he works in Las Vegas and entertains the audience with cheap tricks. But when a group of terrorists threatening Los Angeles, special agent Callie Ferris will have to collect all forces to track down Chris and convince him to help prevent disaster.

 5. The failure in time (1997)

Under the bright sun of the great American plains, on a lonely, windswept gas station is brutal crime. These, chilling events occur in front of Karen, accompanies it man, who turned a ruthless killer. Fleeing from his pursuit, Karen returns again and again in the past, but only 20 minutes ago in order to prevent the already committed murder. One killer! One witness! One chance to escape!

 6. Premonition (2007)

Have you ever had a sense of foreboding. When you just know that soon there will be something bad. Housewife Linda now just swept a feeling. Some time later, the towns Sheriff tells her that her husband died in a car accident. Not knowing himself with grief and despair, Linda finds a place — she does not believe that this could happen. When I woke up the next day, she sees her husband safe and sound...

 7. Machine hot tub time (2010)

Adam, a middle-aged man, is not experiencing the best period in my life and still recovering from an unsuccessful suicide attempt. In order to stir up his friends name is hero on a ski resort, where they abruptly broke away nearly 24 years ago. Along with three friends, was going on vacation disorderly nephew Adam. The heroes hope to repeat the best weekend in my life, but everything is different. Old Jacuzzi that dive buddies, works like a time machine.

 8. Timecop (1994)

Movement in time gave rise to a new type of crime. You can change the events of the past, to control financial markets and even destroy entire peoples. The US government creates a special police unit patrol time. Corrupt Senator, rushing to the presidency, is sent into the past to change the course of history. After him, sent a policeman Max Walker. It will not only mortal danger, but also a strong temptation.

 9. The time machine (2002)

Professor Alexander Hartdegen invented a time machine and went back in time to rescue his bride from a random bullet. But her death can't be prevented — the past cannot be changed. In search of an answer to the question "why?" Hartdegen climbs two hundred years into the future and finds the Earth in terrible condition. Having been wounded and falling into unconsciousness, he did not notice that his car went through eight thousand years of history of planet Earth, humanity has changed, the era of technocracy gone.

 10. At the time of the trap (2003)

Short film "trapped In time". In the near future, mankind makes a huge technological leap. Information is transmitted instantly without any wires. Computers are built into the molecule. Every moment from the past can actually play — and a group of scientists is able to enter in the literal sense of the word in the life of, say, France XIV century. However, such a journey is fraught with many dangerous...


11. The rapids of time (TV series 1993)

Year 2193. Disappear the most dangerous criminals — and where? In the nineties of the twentieth century! With the help of a time machine every criminal can purchase a new beginning of his biography. After the criminals in the past sent a detective from the future and his aide — portable holographic computer. Detective strikingly inventive. It penetrates into our "primitive" world and overcomes all obstacles in the most unexpected way.


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12. Time trap (2005)

Would you like to repeat the best moments of his life again and again with a pocket time machine? A pipe dream? For the inventor, Stuart Conway, it has become reality! And today he will visit the Bank to go back in time several times to withdraw the same money. But Stuart doesn't know that at the crucial moment his innocent Scam will turn into a crazy carousel of time due to FBI agents and a gang of armed robbers! published




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