Acting on this point can be get rid of excess weight

This method of obesity treatment uses only one point. Adhering to this method, during the course of self-massage should not affect the other points.

Point Guan-yuan (see Fig.) is located on the midline of the abdomen 3 CUN below the umbilicus.

You need to lie on your back, push the point Guan-yuan pad of his thumb, a stick or a ballpoint pen with a smooth rounded end and rotating movement within 30 minutes. Pressure point corresponds to a harmonizing method.

The course of treatment lasts not less than 25 days.

Seventy five million eleven thousand one hundred fifty eight

This technique proved effective in 80% of cases, helping to relieve within 25 days from one to five pounds.

The best results were obtained in cases when the massage point was accompanied by a reasonable diet and exercise. published  

"Acupressure for weight reduction", Irina Medvedev, Medvedev Alexander


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