22 exciting historical picture, after which you look at the past with different eyes.

The story is often compared to the selling wanton woman as that for the historical information presented to us on television, in newspapers and history books, meet the definition of an ideology of the government of a country. But you are probably like me, burn desire to see past such as it was, and enjoy the historical events in its purest form?

Today, the team news online magazine has prepared for you a series of 22 unique historical images that will transform your views about the past. This is the story, which it saw our parents, grandfathers and great grandfathers. Just think, for every frame lifetime ... An unforgettable sight!

Little Eskimo with her little dog, 1949.

Aerobuer VT Lebedev, St. Petersburg, 1900.

Frida Kahlo

Mark Twain is holding a kitten.

The founder of theoretical astronautics - Konstantin Tsiolkovsky - during operation, Kaluga, 1932.

Charming Demi Moore, New Mexico, USA. 1980. B>

parade of athletes on Red Square, Moscow, 1937.

holiday amateur theater, Russia, 1900.

Prague Spring 1968.

Industrial gymnastics, USSR, 1950.

Boy African-American, Boston, USA. 1968. B>

Nicholas Romanov in Japan in 1890.

Lewis Carroll

A man asks his wife for forgiveness on his knees before a court, the United States, 1948.

Acrobatic fun Nicholas II and Prince Nicholas Greek castle Volfsgarten, Germany. 1899. B>

The creator of the North Korean state, Kim Il-sung speaks at an event in honor of the 16th anniversary of the founding of the country, in 1964.

Skaters, St. Petersburg, the beginning of the XX century.

The Russian soldiers are taught to dance the German prisoners in 1915.

Russian priest in reindeer skins, 1901.

Children play bundles of money in the period of hyperinflation, Germany, in 1922.

parade of Nazis in Buckeburg, 1934.

These images do not require striking comments. This is a live historical documents. Those people in the photographs speak for themselves. That, my friend, the story without embellishment. Your comrades delighted with rare shots? Then be sure to show them the rare historical footage.

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