This guy made his girlfriend a surprise. But if only he knew what it portends ...

The guy in this story wanted to surprise his girlfriend. To the surprise success, he had to close his eyes girlfriend dressing. It all started very innocently, but this ended in failure, which they later life recall, blushing, especially the girl.

On the fateful day heroine stories ate lunch three plates of beans. She knew it was too much, but could not resist the temptation. On coming home, she found her boyfriend with a beaming smile on his face. He said he had prepared a surprise for her, tied the girl's eyes and sat her at the table.

Then the phone rang and the guy went into another room to answer. Taking advantage of the moment, she relaxed in every sense of the word. Her intestines had threatened to explode a few minutes, and she could not alleviate their situation. She waved a towel around themselves, which lay in her lap, a little to dispel reigned in the room terrible smell.

When the man went back into the room, he certainly noticed satisfied smile, which was at that moment on her face. He asked whether the girl took off the blindfold, and satisfied a positive response, he began to untie her.

«Happy birthday, dear» i>, - said the man, taking off the blindfold girl. On the table was covered with a dinner, followed by the addition to her sat another 12 people who closed their hands nose. With one voice they said: «Happy birthday!» I>

Surprise did not work, and now they have a long time to be horrified to remember this shameful event. Share this incredibly funny story with your friends!


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