At first glance, this is an ordinary black cat. You open your mouth to know who is working good pet ...

«They say, no luck if a black cat pass the way» i> - the words of a popular song are familiar to us from childhood. Indeed, for some reason, people with extreme caution are mustached four-legged pets such color. However, the team believes that everything is nothing more than prejudices and superstitions. So today we share with you the amazing story of a black cat which is not something that brings misfortune and a lucky charm! This is a good pet has a sensitive heart so huge that some people still would have a lot to learn from him. And now everything is in order.

Meet this Rademenes - shaggy-mustached hero, who lives in a shelter for animals in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz. You'll be surprised, but this cat earns there ... a nurse. Yes, you heard right, do all these things under the power of not only people, but also our younger brothers. B>

Black mascot was in this shelter in the autumn of 2014. At that time, the kitten was not even two months. He fell into the hands of veterinarians in terrible shape: the animal was diagnosed with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. B>

«I remember, Rademenes came to us in September and October last year, and his condition was extremely difficult. The owners brought it to lull thus depriving cat suffering » i>, - says Lucyna awe-Kuzel Zavalich, the owner of the shelter itself. B>

Cause Rademenesa were very bad: the disease progressed, and even led to a partial loss of hair. For some time, the patient Mike Farley had to be isolated from the other inmates of the orphanage, was placed in a special chamber. B>

Lucyna also recalls that the «as soon as it picked up the ball of wool and looked into his eyes, she realized that she would not be in a position to put down» i>. She gave him a chance to survive. B>

After long months of struggle with the disease caudate animal still recovered. But the miracles did not end there: what happened next, you can not even put into words. Having recovered, Rademenes began to take care of the other lodgers of a shelter, regardless of whether it is a cat or a little dog. B>

Many employees of the institution are joking that this is their volunteer nurse who works full-time. Of course, you need not take it literally: the cat makes shots and bandages patients. But the way he cares for others, deserves not that movie in the news, and the whole film! B>

Local vets are proud to say that as soon as the shelter receives sick animal, Rademenes immediately walks up to him, hugging, licking his ears, trying to give everything its heat. Four-legged friend takes care of those unfortunate beasts, who are recovering from surgery - they have a black cat especially reverent attitude. After Rademenes knows firsthand what an incredible experience pain and suffering from the pain. B>

I can not bear to look at photos with this black cat-good man: you just want to pick up and hug him back. Just look him in the eye - it's a whole ocean of kindness, compassion and care. Perhaps it looks so good in its purest form. Be sure to tell all your friends about Rademenese - lucky talisman of the Polish animal shelter. They agree that some people still a long way to our little brothers.

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