Aging by gender

One of the joys of a committed relationship is growing old together, but men and women still age differently. This is partly due to the genetic characteristics of both sexes, but there are certain differences between the manifestations of the signs of aging that need to be addressed also not the same.
The first signs of aging usually appear on the face of it, but the wrinkles always depends on the sex of the person. Men much more likely to have deep wrinkles on my forehead, but the change of facial contours is observed in them is much less than that of the fair sex. Women have wrinkles usually appear around the eyes ("crow's feet") or the nasolabial part of the face. Although they do not have much change in the jaw area, they often suffer from sagging skin in the neck area. Its effectiveness in smoothing wrinkles and men and women have proved Botox injections or fillers, although the introduction of such drugs will depend on the place of occurrence of wrinkles. Both sexes also appropriate plastic surgery. Men with drooping chin, unable to seek the assistance of implants that align the jaw line. With sagging skin of the neck can cope with the help of simple exercises — facial gymnastics. In recent years, plastic surgery has leaped forward and is by far the most popular method, which is used by both sexes (often simultaneously). However, it is important that each partner received an individual consultation and appointment to the conduct of such an operation.



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