Item 59 most successful photo shoot for Women

If you suddenly overtaken by a creative impasse ended in new ideas or just looking for a small tip for photographing girl, then as a starting cribs can use sketches, because they are one of the most important stages of preparation for a photo shoot. The more carefully they thought, the more interesting pictures you will receive as a result of photographing.

1. Very easy pose for a portrait - the model looks at you over her shoulder. Pay attention to how unusual and interesting may look like a portrait, if you change the angle.

2. Very often when shooting portraits and model and photographer forget about hand position. However, you may have something creative, if you ask the model to play his hands, trying different positions at the head and face. The main thing to remember one rule - no flat, tense hands: the brush should be soft, flexible, and it is desirable that they were not addressed directly in the palm or the rear frame kisti.

3. Perhaps you are familiar with the composition rule usually tretey.

4. Very nice position for a seated model - together with information kolenyami.

5. One more open and attractive posture - a model lying on the ground. Drop down and take a picture with almost level zemli.

6. Again option for the prone position: you can ask the model to play with the hands - or put them safely lowered to the ground. Lovely view for shooting in the street, among the flowers and trav.7. The most elementary pose, but it looks simply stunning. Eliminates the need to lower the level, bypassing the model around, taking pictures from different angles. The model should be relaxed, you can change the position of the arms, hands, head.

8. And this amazing position well suited for women with any figure. Try different positions of the feet and hands, focus on the eyes of the model.

9. Sweet and playful pose. Great for almost any interior: in bed, in the grass or on the beach. Take a picture of a model from the lower position by focusing on glazah.

10. A wonderful way to show off a beautiful figure of the model. Excellent emphasizes silhouette against a bright background.

11. Another friendly posture for sitting model. Plant model to one knee was pressed against his chest, while the other leg is also bent at the knee, lying on the ground. Sight is directed into the lens. Try to use different camera angles for a better result.

12. A great way to demonstrate the beauty and the plastic body of the model. It can be used as posture silhouette against a bright background.

13. Simple and natural position with a lot of options. Let the model experiment with the position of the hips, hands, golovy.

14. Simple and elegant at the same time pose. Model turned slightly to the side, hands in his back pockets.

15. The small forward lean can subtly emphasize the shape of the model. It looks very attractive and sexy.

16. Sensual pose with arms raised emphasizes the benefit flowing curves of the body. Well suited for slim and fit modeley.

17. Option posing full length just endlessly, this provision can be taken as the starting point. Have the model is easy to turn the body to change the position of the hands, head, gaze direction and t.d.

18. This posture looks pretty relaxed. Do not forget that you can lean against a wall not only back, but also the shoulder, arm or bedrom.

19. Personnel upright are quite specific and are better suited for tall, slender models. Here's a little secret: the body of the model should look like English letters S, the weight moved on one leg, arms are relaxed.

20. One of the best poses for slim models with a lot of options. To catch the most advantageous position, ask the model to change the position of the hands slowly and continuously curving body.

21. Romantic, tender pose. Use different fabrics and draperies. With their help you can get sensual pictures. It is not necessary to strip all back: often, even a little bare shoulder creates a flirtatious mood.

22. Successful pose for a photo shoot and a great view from which the model appears slimmer. Model stands sideways, chin slightly lowered down, and the shoulder is raised slightly. Please note that between chin and shoulder should remain small rasstoyanie.

23. Often, conventional postures are the most successful. The model must shift his weight on one leg and bend your body at the same time in the S-formu.

24. Model slightly touches with both hands to a vertical surface such as a wall or a tree. Pose for a portrait snimka.

25. If the model is endowed with beautiful long hair - certainly show them in motion. Ask her to quickly turn his head to the hair developed. Experiment with shutter speed to get clear or vice versa, and emphasizing the blurred movement kadry.

26. The following model pose sitting on a couch or bed. If you give a girl a cup of coffee, you can get a snapshot of the theme (for example, the girl froze, and now is resting and heated).

27. Excellent and comfortable position, which is suitable for a photo shoot in the house, a studio on the couch and not only ... 13,712,928

28. Beautiful model pose sitting on divane.

29. An excellent option for photographing a model sitting on the ground. A photographer can shoot from different angles.

30. In the sitting position, you can experiment, do not limit yourself to only certain plot poses.

31. It is believed that the crossing arms and legs between people creates a psychological barrier, and photography is nerekomendatelno. However, this is not always the case. Pictures are worth a try to make a photo where the model arms crossed on his chest. This is an excellent position for female fotosessii.

32. Not always is to come up with a definite position of the hands. It is normal to leave them in a natural position, relaxed. The same can be said about the legs. The only remember that standing, the model must bear the weight of the body on one leg.

33. Another example of poses for a photo in full growth, which is ideal for a photo shoot. Her hands, in whole or in part, are karmanah.

34. This is a win-win position for summer photo shoot. Ask a model undressed slowly progulyatsya.

35. Hands model behind, an unusual, but very open and sincere posture. Also, the model can lean against stene.

36. For decent official portraits approach is very simple, and at the same time, a spectacular position. The model is a bit sideways, and turned to face the photographer, his head slightly tilted nabok.

37. The model will be very harmonious look in the picture, if you put both hands on the waist. Pose for a portrait of a lap and a full-length portrait.

38. If nearby there is any high piece of furniture that you can lean on the one hand, be sure to use it. This will help create a formal, but at the same time free and feature pozy.

39. Another successful posture - sit on anything. Well suited for shooting indoors and outdoors.

40. Example feminine and winning pose for a picture in the full-length models.

41. Suffice it difficult position, due to the fact that you need to pass the motion model. However, if you do everything right, the reward will be an excellent, elegant fashion snimok.

42. Excellent posture, however, require certain camera settings: woman leans on a fence or railing of the bridge. Large aperture will provide a shallow depth of field and blurred back plan.

43. Excellent posture, if done taking into account its features. Proper positioning of the hands and feet play a crucial role here. Ideal for any body type. Please note that the survey should be carried out more elevated position.

45. Another interesting pose. Angle take the low point. The upper body model is slightly raised and head slightly tilted down. Legs bent at the knees up, feet crossed.

46. ‚Äč‚ÄčThis posture - not of the easiest. Should pay attention to several things: the hand upon which the model should be rotated by hand of the body, the abdominal muscles should be under control, the legs should be extended. The pose is perfect for a sports body type.

47. Next difficult position requires professionalism from the photographer. For a successful outcome, he must take into account the position of all parts of the body - head, hands, waist (there should be no wrinkles on the skin!), Hips and legs.

48. Very nice position for shooting models.

49. The ideal position for the fine art photography of a naked body. Perhaps an infinite number of variations with different positions of the head, hands and feet.

50. It is very difficult pose. The main thing - the correct position of the feet. Carefully direct model, suggesting the desired position. The model have to be in the shoes high kabluke.

51. Simple and complete perfection pose. Make sure that the model's face to cover it with your hand or shoulder. Aspiring to a bottom view creates a special romantic mood. Raised elbow is directed away from the camera.

52. Pose for a full-length portrait near the wall. Take a picture of a model from the back.

53. Superb position for sports models. Ask the model to bend the body in the form of the letters S, change the position of the thighs and arms, turn your head in different directions.

54. The use of a light fabric creates endless options for the model and the photographer, you can get great shots. It is advantageous to use this pose outdoors in windy conditions.

55. Easy and simple position that emphasizes the female figure line. Ideal as a silhouette against a bright background.

56. Light and tender pose. The model sits on legs bent, but not too rests on the feet. Looking over his shoulder, pointing.

57. A simple but gorgeous pose. It works in a variety of conditions, both indoors and outdoors. Also suitable for shooting silhouette against a bright background.

58. Use the wall or any other similar entity is very helpful in creating a variety of poses. For example, the wall may serve as handholds.

59. Very beautiful and elegant posture. Remember that the key to this position is that the model should lean slightly forward from the back of the sofa (seats, benches, etc.) .


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