Clothing style casual trends of the season

Clothing style casual trends of the season
As this year was proclaimed the period when in the first place come the comfort, convenience and a certain negligence, the most popular is to use outerwear in a casual style, which fully meets all the trends of the season by definition.

Many women appreciate the clothes in a casual style almost immediately after her appearance on the catwalks and widely available. And this is understandable – this was an opportunity to look stylish and still feel comfortable and very confident.

It is clear that the current will be it clothing style casual trends of the season will partly follow the tradition of this style, but will also feature some interesting novelties. No cost and no bold experiments: trendsetters tried to the modern woman's wardrobe was anything but not boring.

Some stylistic features
Casual (in Russian language this can be translated as "careless") appeared as an alternative to the classic office style. In contrast to the latter, inhibit movement, strict and rigid, is distinguished by its simplicity, convenience and democratic character. The flagship of style is denim – the actual jeans as well as a variety of skirts, pants, jumpsuits and of course jackets of denim and today are wildly popular.

Another feature of the casual style – a minimum of restrictions allowed experiments with the mixture of styles and shades. If there is a need or a desire – it is possible to wear informal leather jacket over a simple white blouse and skirt,"pencil". In the romantic style "sloppy" elements add a touch of youth and mischief, and frankly sports turn into a ultra modern city.

Outerwear in a casual style should be very simple to cut, however, the presence of vivid details (not pretentious, just bright) also welcome. Sequins, stones, buttons and other fussy decorative elements glamorous style casual design in this season is absolutely contraindicated – something needs to be concise and convenient. However, it can be branded as luxury and conventional – from a boutique on a nearby street.

Current subspecies style
As mentioned above, to combine the casual style with other fashion trends – fun. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that some time ago appeared and its subspecies. This season trendy will be considered the following options

1. Casual glamour. Very interesting mix of holiday and everyday life. One of the few subspecies of "sloppy" style, which is acceptable and brilliant "frivolous" decorative elements such as sequins or rhinestones. To closet classic casual style make him look glamorous subspecies, sometimes just enough to change the accessories. Here are some examples:

— classic cashmere coat color of milk chocolate mid-length in combination with a set of simple white blouse and skinny jeans of white colors looks very impressive and simple. To add the holiday in such a manner, it is sufficient to change the shoes on a small steady heel on the elegant "boat" with rhinestones and heel unusual shape. And necessary detail can be shifted from comfortable leather bag medium size small embroidered stone clutch bag on a long strap;

leather jacket white color in combination with narrow black pants with a 7/8 length and a simple plain t-shirt is a way for informal or semi-formal communication. If we add to this combination sequined lace-up sky-blue color and medium size purse with ostrich trim fur, you get a stunning bow.

2. Casual-sport. In this case everything is simple: it is assumed the combination of the elements of sportswear with garments in a casual style. For example, it can be a set of bomber jackets, classic jeans, complemented by high white sneakers.

3. Casual-business. Simple, comfortable and elegant, with a hint of aristocracy. Modern business lady increasingly form their images in this style.
Outerwear in a casual style – trend
The formation of any images in the off-season is impossible without competent selection of outerwear. True this statement is and for casual style. As the basis of this stylistic direction should be easy, simplicity and ability of using in daily life, choosing the type of outerwear is practically unlimited. It could be outerwear or coats, bomber jackets or leather jackets are great and also fashionable today jackets parks.

In order to create the actual image and feel comfortable in the cool spring and autumn, it is best to pay attention to women's coats in a casual style. Trendy in the coming year will be truncated models, as well as options of medium length.

Coat, cropped length, worn over a strict office suit magically turns boring and rather dull office bow in the bold and edgy style business-casual. Almost all the famous fashion houses of the world reacted with approval to the concept of the image. The styles fashionistas recommended to choose the model type "bell" or having trapezoidal cut.

As for the actual colors, in the coming season, it is recommended to give preference to the more saturated tones regarding trendy shades, 2017. Coat purple, mustard, terracotta or Burgundy color – here is a selection of truly stylish women, which closely follows fashion trends.

For making coat, cropped length can be used a variety of materials. In this issue designers do not give important recommendations and do not specify any restrictions. If you want to focus on the choice of these masters that define the fashion mood of the whole world, it is possible to consider that the Michael Kors brand and the exquisite Chanel brand while tailoring cropped coat prefer fleecy tissues. While artists clothing from the amazing fashion house Alberta Ferretti has made its choice in favor of jacquard and already presented their designs to the General public and fashion critics. And those and others, as might be expected, came to a complete delight.

And a few examples of actual bows:
comfortable, modern and a bit romantic look in a casual style you can create using the combination of fashionable cropped coat-bell deep red color with a skinny jeans classic blue color in combination with a layered top. This can be, for example, a thin sweater in wide horizontal stripes in black and white color on top of a simple office blouse. Of footwear you can opt for the outdoor shoes heel and to take a medium size bag with strap-chain;

— onions in a casual style-the sport is easy to form, wearing a classic black coat of medium length over the ensemble of torn at the knees blue jeans, gray sweater and white sneakers. Complement the image of the laconic black scarf and oversized leather handbag in black;

— interesting and original bow for a friendly meeting or a romantic date you can pick up in a casual style. This will require a slim coat of medium length mustard color. It can be put on top of your set of ¾ length jeans and comfortable sweaters with contrasting geometric pattern. The feminine finish will add a refined metallic tone shoes and a small handbag with a long strap.

In the formation of the fashion images in a casual style, the value is the age category that applies to fashionista. The fact is that when it comes to outerwear, ladies older than 40 years are recommended to give preference to a bit of slim or straight models, cool colors, diluting the image of bright accessories. After 50 years, the designers recommend to give preference to sub-business-casual and street-casual. Thus it is better to choose a model with average lengths of materials such as natural wool or cashmere: will result in a dynamic and at the same time is quite solid.

The thing to remember is that casual is a style that promotes comfort and individuality. Therefore, any recommendations of fashion designers in this case can act only as a good friendly advice. Every woman has the opportunity to demonstrate your taste and create unique images in a casual style and be in trend.


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