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Yesterday, the world learned that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the hotly anticipated sequel to the fans of "Man of Steel", which has no name. This film will mark the first joint appearance on the screen, the two main world super-hero comics - Batman and Superman. The picture will be released in July 2015, its director Zack Snyder will speak, and again play Superman Henry Cavill. The news of this casting was surprised and puzzled many fans of the movie. Affleck has already dabbled in the role of super-hero in the film "Daredevil" in 2003, which is nothing more than a particular audience do not remember, and now is not perceived by men as a suitable candidate for this genre. Some fans also expressed the opinion that Affleck, has turned out not so long ago, Oscar, was worth more to continue directing career. Particularly dissatisfied create online petitions, but the decision of movie bosses have had no effect, so there is only just wait to see what comes of it. In the meantime, I suggest you a selection of announcements about the casting, which also were once perceived with hostility.

Heath Ledger as the Joker

Yes, it's hard to believe, but the initial reaction of the fans was really negative. The actor of "Brokeback Mountain" seemed to them too mediocre "beautiful" boy. As a more suitable candidates voiced by Sean Penn, Robin Williams, Christopher Walken, Crispin Glover and Paul Bettany. Later, as we now know, Ledger received an Oscar for his work and has breathed new life into the long-familiar characters. His Joker is now seen as a benchmark of the main villain, not only for films based on comic books, but also across the film as a whole.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Since the time when work begins on the first film X-Men, Hugh was a little-known actor, casting it too received with some skepticism. Fans not impressed description in the press release, where he was listed as "the Australian stand-up comedian who works in musical theater", which is not very tally with such a brutal way.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Even before the release of "Casino Royale" poor Daniel constantly received threatening phone calls, that he should give up the role. Now we know that Craig has become perhaps the most popular Bond after Sean Connery, but then all the expected return of Pierce Brosnan and Craig was deemed too ugly, too gloomy and too blond.

Sean Connery as James Bond

But the legendary Sean sulfur at the time had not easy. Sam Ian Fleming thought Connery overgrown stuntman, who lacked grace and elegance, to play such a role. But the producers insisted on her and now Sean Connery and James Bond just inseparable.

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly

In the days without the Internet popular resistance led by the author himself, who created the character. Truman Capote sold the film rights to his stories, expressed their desire that Holly would have to play Marilyn Monroe. However, she refused, because Monroe convinced that this role will hurt its image. When Capote saw thin, like a boy tomboy Audrey, which adopted the role of charismatic and seductive character, which is able to lure any man, he was beside himself with indignation.

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in

Before Jennifer won the hearts of fans and "The Hunger Games" has collected an impressive cash at the box office, it was considered unsuitable for the role. When Jennifer walked in casting a lot of young girls, one of which was, for example, Haley Staynfeld Lawrence ridiculed because she was too old, too high, and, worst of all, too thick. Even a few days after the film's release in some editions wrote that Jennifer looks for the film with the same name are too feminine and wholesome. However, after the triumph in the box office, the same journalists have come to see Lawrence as a new role model for young girls, and a new type of warrior women.

Anne Hetauyey as women-cats

Disney princess did not knit in the minds of the fans with the image of the femme fatale. Although, if they have studied more deeply filmography Ann and her work in recent years, you would see that she played in a variety of films in addition to "The Princess Diaries." After the release of "The Dark Knight Rises" is Hetauyey received the most positive feedback from all members of the cast, even Barack Obama said that moments with Catwoman were his favorite moments of the film.

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett in O'Hara

It was impossible to avoid resentment when the role of the heroine of the cult-American cult American novel claim British actress. Origin Lee full-exaggerated in the gossip columns. After two years of searching Scarlett filmmakers nevertheless decided to put everything on the dark horse Lee and it has paid off. The actress later won an Oscar, and her Scarlett is one of the most talented incarnations of the heroine in the history of cinema.


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