Screen fighters against evil spirits

Rental fantasy blockbuster "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" is already the second week in theaters the world marches on and on Russian - August 22. This film is already being called the replacement of "Twilight" and rival "The Hunger Games": after all, in the "instruments of death" successfully connected 3 ingredients that just loves young people are the main target audience of the picture, and it is very beautiful in appearance characters, love and fight with all kinds of evil spirits. Darkly handsome blond Jace Wayland by Jamie Campbell Bower and the red-haired beauty Clary Fray performed by Lily Collins - this couple in the film is a Shadowhunter, a fighter with evil spirits, but in real life they are found. What is not a successor of Bella and Edward, who, in real life, by the way, broke up?


Generally, it is an axiom of cinema entertainment: a character who overcomes evil, must be attractive. This is shown by the following ladies and gentlemen:

Ash Williams, the protagonist of the trilogy, "The Evil Dead". A bit shabby (still would be captured in the forests of reanimated corpses difficult to find stylish clothes), but damn attractive fighter with the other evil. In the second film in the series to upgrade its own appearance, replacing the hand chainsaw. In all three films, he played the role of Ash, Bruce Campbell


Alice of the franchise "Resident Evil". Even a zombie-mutants can not resist her sexuality (she emphasizes the showy costumes), so destroyed in one hit (or shot). Still, after Alice takes the role of the beautiful and dangerous Milla Jovovich


Abraham Van Helsing by Hugh Jackman in the blockbuster "Van Helsing." The filmmakers have moved away from the canon of Bram Stoker, on the books since Van Helsing was quite an elderly man. But who would have become of the old-fanatet vampirobortsa? So Hugh in this film - a man in the juice


Celine in the series "Another World." It is a special fighter with evil spirits - because she belongs to her, however, takes the side of peace and goodness. Kate Beckinsale in a suit from latex simply peerless


Glavgeroy popular series "The Walking Dead" Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln. This guy had to take on responsibility for the whole community, opposing the bloodthirsty living dead, and grief for the life of drank a lot. But with all this, Rick manages to look very manly and sexy


John Snow of the mega series "Game of Thrones", played by the now very well-known and previously little-friend Keith Hartington. Its mission - to protect the earth from the kingdom of evil that and rushing from the high walls, and even excite the hearts of fans of the saga of his stylish hairdo and disarming look


Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) of the long-running series "Sverhestestvennoe." Dean - heartthrob, desperate and hot guy, Sam more serious, restrained - as the saying goes, one will find in them something for themselves. The main thing - that both are very nice and interesting guys


Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Angel - her ex-boyfriend, also a fighter of evil spirits from the same spin-off. Roles tireless fighters against vampires, zombies, demons, etc. Fifteen years ago, sang Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz, respectively. Though now the two series seem a bit predictable and not serious, but at the time they were hit - thanks largely to sexuality protagonists



Blade by Wesley Snipes is included in this list not because of political correctness (in each rating must be black, you remember). This combination of brutality and sexual attractiveness is rarely seen among contemporary movie characters vanilla ...


John Constantine from the blockbuster "Lord of Darkness, Constantine." Who has seen this movie, probably agree that in a suit and tie Keanu Reeves just a luxury


Anton Gorodetsky of "Night Watch" and its sequel, played by Konstantin Khabensky. Some consider it a bad parody of Keanu Reeves, but it is our countryman, so the list of sexual fighters with evil spirits, and he will be a place. And with some angles Kostya quite so wow ...


And as a bonus on our list there is another fighter with evil spirits in the face of "crooks and thieves" - the tireless Alexei Navalny. Though controversial mayoral candidate not filmed in cinema, on television, Russian viewers can see him not less than all of the previous comrades



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