Old people in history

Throughout history there have been people whose life expectancy has surpassed the most optimistic expectations. All these people lived more than 115 years, which means that they can be called superdolgozhitelyami (people who have lived at least 110 years). Some of them have a lifetime drinking, smoking, and some were very healthy lifestyle and everything went down in history, with its own secret to longevity. There are a few people, such as the Japanese Sigetiё Izumi, who according to some estimates reach 120 years and Shirali Muslimov- Azerbaijani shepherd who has attained the age of 168 years, presumably - centenarians reached unprecedented elderly. However, these cases were not confirmed. Here superdolgozhiteley 10, life expectancy has been determined. 10. Christian Mortensen (1882-1998) 17,803,480

Danish-American survivor Christian Mortensen, who lived 115 years, 252 days, is considered the oldest man on record. He was born August 16, 1882 and died on April 25, 1998. Mortenson is unusual not only because it was a man (only 9, 8 per cent of the confirmed superdolgozhiteley are men), but also because during the 95 years of his life, he smoked several cigars a week. Also, most of his life he was a bachelor, which is usually a negative impact on life expectancy. But Mortenson and there was no exception to the rule, have been married for only 10 years. This amazing man immigrated to America in 1903, where he worked as a tailor and a milkman. So what is the secret of longevity, in the opinion of Mortenson? "Friends, good cigars, drinking a lot of good water, avoiding alcohol, optimistic outlook on life and singing will provide you with a long life," - he argued. 9. Pauline Maggie Barnes (1882 -1998)

Pauline Maggie Barnes was born in slavery 6 March 1882. She died on 19 January 1998 at the age of 115 years and 319 days. While little about it is known, is one of her age speaks about the amazing life. Maggie is not only withstood the hardships associated with slavery in the United States, but also experienced a 11 out of 15 of their children. The woman died from complications caused by infection of the small legs. Her story is all the more surprising that in the early 20th century, average life expectancy was 47 years for members of the white Caucasians and 40-42 years for blacks. Although the gap is shrinking more and more, Bruns made the impossible, having lived 75 years longer life expectancy. 8. Besse Cooper (1896 -) 18,420,002

Besse Cooper was born on August 26, 1896. Most recently, it celebrated its 116 th anniversary, became the oldest living person in the world. When asked the secret of her long life, she replied: "I do not stick my nose into other people's business," and added, "And do not eat junk food." Life Bessie touches three centuries, it has survived two world wars and many other historical events. Cooper worked as a teacher at the school, and after her husband's death at the age of 68 years she lived alone on the family farm. At 105 years old, she moved to a nursing home. 7. Elizabeth Bolden (1890 - 2006) 26,384,411

Elizabeth Bolden lived with August 15, 1890 to December 11, 2006. At the time of death, she was 116 years 118 days. She was born in a family of freed slaves in the state of Tennessee in the United States, and her life was not exactly easy. Its longevity genes, obviously not given to children and only two of the seven children of Elizabeth were alive at the time of her death. And yet, to some of its children, it may be able to set a new record for longevity. When she died, she left behind more than 500 direct descendants, including 75 prapraprapravnukov. Although the Boden said little after it experienced a stroke in 2004, she happily celebrated its 116 anniversary, having tried two of their favorite treats: ice cream and candy. 6. Thane Ikai (1879 -1995)

With an incredible life expectancy of 116 years, 175 days, Thane Ikai is confirmed as the oldest representative in Japan, and Asia. The woman was born on 18 January 1879 in a family of farmers in the town of Kansei in Japan. She married at age 20, she had 4 children, she survived to the time of his death July 12, 1995. Thain enjoyed doing embroidery and ceramics. It feeds mainly rice porridge, which in combination with the traditional Japanese diet, may help protect her from heart disease and cancer. An autopsy after her death showed that dolgozhitelnitsa died of kidney failure. While she is the only superdolgozhitelnitsey who conducted the autopsy. 5. Maria Capovilla (1889 - 2006) 69,136,298

Ecuadorian Maria Capovilla dolgozhitelnitsa was born September 14, 1889 in the same year, when the public was presented to the Eiffel Tower. Before the age of 116 years, 347 days, she became the oldest South American history, and the longest-lived person in the southern hemisphere. Capovilla died Aug. 27, 2006, before they reach their 117 th anniversary of a little less than a month. She was the epitome of health and energy almost to the end of his life, although a little drink, but never smoked. She was born in the family of a colonel and lived among the elite of Ecuador, and in 1917 married the officer, the Italian-born Antonio Capovilla. When she was 99 years old, she suddenly fell ill and it is almost read the burial service in the Catholic Church. But she survived, and then went without a stick, read the newspapers, watched TV and differed good health. Three of her five children were alive at the time of her death, and they were 78, 80 and 81. 4. Maria Luisa Mailer (1880 - 1998) 49,200,889

Mary Louise Mailer was 117 years 230 days when she died April 16, 1998. Interestingly, at the time of the death of one of her sons she lived in the same nursing home that she and her daughter was 90 years old. Franco-Canadian dolgozhitelnitsa was born in Quebec in Canada August 29, 1880. Her first husband died of pneumonia when she was 30 years old. Then Mailer moved to the border between Quebec and Ontario, where she met her second husband Hector Mailer. The woman believed that her longevity was due to hard work and it's not surprising, given that she had 10 children and two marriages. Also I loved dolgozhitelnitsa sometimes drink a glass of wine, and quit smoking when she was 90 years old, for 27 years before his death. 3. Lucy Hannah (1875 -1993) 56,683,810

Lucy Hannah never honored with the title of the oldest person in history, simply because she lived at the same time as Jeanne Calment, received this title. Despite that Hanna has lived up to 117 years deep 248 days and is the oldest African-American, and the third oldest person in history. She was born in Alabama in the United States July 16, 1875. In 1901, she married John Hannah, and she had eight children, six of which she survived. Two sisters Hannah lived to 100 years old, and her mother had lived for 99 years. 2. Sarah Knauss (1880 -1999) 97,713,503

Sarah Knauss - the second oldest person in history. She died at the age of 97 years 119 days. This remarkable woman was born September 24, 1880 and died December 30, 1999, before the age of 21 century, just a few days. Obviously, it does not bother Sarah. When she was told that she was the oldest person in the world, she said, "So what." Her daughter described her mother as extremely calm, which nothing can disturb. Perhaps this was the secret of her, and long life, as excessive stress adversely affects human health. Knauss survived 7 American wars, the Great Depression and the death of her husband after 64 years of marriage. At the time of her death she was already over the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty to the United States. 1. Jeanne Calment (1875 - 1997) 66,747,573

Jeanne Calment is the oldest ever lived on the Earth, and yet no one was able to beat its record of 122 years 164 days. She was born in the city of Arles in France February 21, 1875, and died August 4, 1997. During her life she witnessed the invention of the automobile, film, stainless steel, television and aircraft. Surprisingly, she even met Vincent Van Gogh when she was 13 years old, which she described as "dirty, slovenly dressed and gloomy." Kalman as Sarah Knauss had "immune from stress." It also boasted a wit and on each birthday declared a new secret of longevity. Dolgozhitelnitsa cycling and drank port up to 100 years, as well as smoked almost to death. She claimed that laughter, physical activity and a strong stomach to help her to live to a ripe old age. Her best advice was saying: "If you can not do anything about it, do not worry."

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