The most famous checks

Here is a photo of some checks that have been written / produced by known people or as a fact of certain well-known events. You can look at them with envy, and it is possible with interest, as historical documents.
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Check for Alaska in the amount of 7.2 million dollars, according to which Russia had purchased Alaska in 1867. Signed Russian Minister Edward A. Glass in August 1868.

Check yourself. In 1946, the only way to get the cash would go to the bank and write a check for himself. One of these checks is shown in pictures, it belongs to the bank Merchant's & Farmer's Bank, the check amount $ 50.

Check Donald Knuth. If you are programming, you know the writer Donald Knuth, who is the author of the famous three-volume book on the art of programming. This check was issued to them corrector for correcting errors in the four manuscripts of «The Art of Computer Programming». The amount of the check - 10.24 dollars.

The most beautiful a check for $ 50, issued in 1869. This is not a modern faceless pieces of paper, and a work of art.

Stylish check from Korea. Checks are more vulnerable to counterfeiting process than electronic payments, so different countries have different fighting fraud - Korea, for example, does such nice watermark. The amount of the check approximately $ 200 (100,000 KRW)

Check John Lennon for utilities. More specifically, electricity, amounting to 101 lb, apparently, for a few months, since 1970 it is a significant amount.

Bug checks. Now a check is a strict document, and at the slightest error is invalid, and in 1916 received with checks easier. Changed the bank? No problem, correct the name on the check. And it worked Examples of such checks in the photo

Cheque card. Good times was before ... In the photo you see a check postmark, which is such an open form sent by mail, and it reaches its destination. This check in the amount of $ 512,050 was sent in 1874. If the postman was not informed, with interest now would he ran up to more than 400 million dollars.

Minicheki. In Italy in the 70s of the last century there was a shortage of coins, so the banks issued a kind of currency - minicheki called «mini-assegni». Each bank had its own checks and to understand all this diversity was oh so easy.

Check Albert Einstein. Everything is simple - scientist and inventor paid $ 5 for a subscription to a weekly magazine IF Stone's Weekly.



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