10 habits to help you meet girls

Let's just clarify one important point: it is not about where to go to meet girls. If you just pripreshsya listed in places you did not work. Again, this is more advice on how to be more open to new acquaintances (mostly women) and in the long term to tying otnosheniy.Kak rule, women are less wary in their usual environment, where they feel at ease. If a guy to meet them there, rather than in the usual places (in the club, at the bar), it will have a greater chance of success. In addition, immediately draw your attention: if you want just sex, this column is not for you - women understand this, you can not fool anyone. And do not consider this list of tips as pickup manual, it's just good habits that will give you an advantage in the eyes of friends. Plans for the weekend in the middle of nedeli

Regardless of how you are active, if you want to meet someone, you need to go to the people. When you're somewhere going, better to do it with friends than alone. Often it is not easy to persuade friends to do something unusual and lazy friends - generally do anything. Start their campaign in advance, even in the middle of the week, do not wait for the last minute. Make an kursy

The reason can be any new knowledge will help you move up the career ladder, you want to learn something new, learn a new skill or just meet new people. Dating even required: indeed, there is no better reason to talk to a girl than if it is caused by the task or the fact that you did not understand. Enroll in sportzal

Again, your goal is not just to hit on his girlfriend in the middle of a workout. It is tactless, it sends a message of her false, as if you are attracted only her body. However, if both of you go to the gym, it says that both of you are pursuing quite noble thing - to be in good shape - and not shy about it, but not expose their studies show. Keep in mind the history and themes that cause violent reaktsiyu

Almost every guy have in stock a couple of regrets stories he told me many times that he is sure that they always produce the desired reaction. These stories are very useful because they relieve stress and help avoid embarrassing situations in the conversation, and yet they give you the opportunity to evaluate the response of the audience. If you can, try to increase your arsenal of such tales. Always be open to new informatsii.Vozmi a habit predstavlyatsya

The right time to introduce depends on the situation. Ideally, you should respond to a sign from the woman that she saw you (for example, eye contact), and still do not need to approach her when she busy with something and break it. However, if you really came up to strike a balance between confidence and relaxation: smile, behave confidently, but do not be persistent. If you do it hard, you should start working on this habit. With practice, it will be easier. Follow soboy

You have probably noticed that on this list suggests: a woman can be seen at any time and in any place. You never know where and when to meet one that will attract your attention, but it would be better if it did not happen in the morning, when you're too lazy to take a shower and went to work, looking like a dirty loser. Well this is a matter of course: do not be lazy to cut nails and comb your hair before you go out of the house - it should be commonplace. Use the dating sites and social seti

One of the biggest obstacles to a vibrant and diverse life - it is a routine of sitting in social networks. If you often negotiated them with people about the meetings, you would often spend time interesting. Thanks Vkontakte and FEYSBUK you can see who rolls his party, which is coming events and shows - very convenient. And, you can meet people thanks to Foursquare. Be polite and offer pomosch

We in any case do not insist that hold the door in front of a woman who has hands full of purchases, or give way to transport granny - a sure way to get acquainted. However, even so you will not earn any bonus in whose eyes, it is not an excuse not to do such things. Remember that if you do not show banal courtesy, will look like a complete freak. And if you need a special incentive to behave like a decent type, imagine that you look beautiful woman every time you tip the waiter clamped or clipped doroge.Naydi driver on an issue that you care about, and try to stay volonterom

It is very important to take care of something there - it could be any problem (again, not lose, if it is associated with the animals). Spend time making a contribution to the solution of any problem was - means you indifferent, and it attracts women. It is important to be honest, do not do what you do not care. Fake concern for the problems of society, has the aim banal pickup, that's not what sign fool, this is some sumasshestvie.0Nikogda do not doubt sebe

Everything else does not matter if you're always afraid to take advantage of the opportunities that are floating into your hands. If you had the chance to get to know someone or you've met with a woman and you want to develop your relationship, do not expect that it will do everything for you myself. Confidence is like any human qualities: it is possible to develop it in yourself, if you constantly work on yourself. And if you sit back, you will not just sure, once in the morning. To take the initiative and do not miss your opportunity!


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