9 tips for those who decided to fight their addictions

Basics fight their slabostyamiU each have a couple of bad habits that we do not mind to leave, but this is not so easy. If some of your bad habits listed profanity, extravagance, procrastination or anything else, here you ten tips that will help to get away from negative behaviors.

1. punish yourself for every narushenieSdelav bad habit is even more unpleasant, you can eradicate it completely. Money - it is a serious motivator, so you can use the method of "bank promises", or just their friends to pay a certain amount each time they notice that you indulge a habit going to get rid of. It can also work in reverse: start promote yourself for every victory over a bad habit, and do it every day.

2. Understand what causes bad privychkiPonimanie, how we make decisions - is the key to getting rid of all kinds of bad habits. Often we indulge these habits without even realizing it. There are five patterns of behavior associated bad habits and awareness of them will quickly understand what's behind them.

3. Proceed slowly, and I was ponemnoguFormirovanie new habits takes time and effort, but to get rid of old habits even more difficult. So be patient with yourself and instead of changing everything at once, try to focus on any one bad habit and small steps that you can take in order to deceive his "inner caveman." If you talk about food and diet, you can, for example, to make minor changes: one to give up sugars or start adding coffee cream with reduced fat content. All this in the long term could bear fruit.

4. Before you act, think its a bad month privychkeVeroyatno, you can not wait to get rid of the habit right now, but as mentioned above, it takes time. Before you begin to change habits, it makes sense to think carefully about it for months. Formulate a list of reasons why you want to break the habit, write down every time you find yourself doing it again. After a preliminary preparation to cope with the bad habit will be much easier.

5. Remind yourself of the future of the fight against evil privychkamiDazhe if our intentions are the best, we still begin indulging bad habits as soon dries up our strength of will. For example, you can promise yourself to drink only two stacks during a meeting with friends, but immediately forget this promise as soon find yourself at the bar. Try to remind yourself often of his promise in moments of weakness.

6. Change obstanovkuEsli you are in the same place is always doing the same thing, the environment is becoming a trigger for the habit, with sometimes notice that the trigger is incredibly difficult. When you leave the parking lot to smoke at the office, the park can be a signal to get a cigarette. Try to make small changes in what surrounds you. It may also help the 20-second rule: instead of indulging a bad habit at once, wait for 20 seconds. For instance, move all the junk food in the far corner of the refrigerator.

7. Train rid of bad privychekChelovek named Adam Dachis used a webcam to get rid of bad habits. Every day he made the video, which tells everyone, why he wants to get rid of this or that habit. Eventually he was able to get rid of the habit of biting his nails, and some others. Maybe at first it seems a bit strange, but it can work in your case.

8. Please note, when you once again indulging bad privychkeSkoree all, you will have a difficult time. Failures - this is normal and should be expected. And what's more, you can develop a plan and use had a relapse in order to understand what happened and how it can be avoided next time.

9. Teach yourself to think about their bad habits in drugomuDazhe if we hate what we do - for example, smoke or gryzёm nails - we tend to still continue to do this. Because it gives us a certain psychological satisfaction or reward. Find out what positive thoughts you are having when you indulge your bad habits, and rethink them, remind yourself of the consequences of their bad habits. In other words, in this case, it would be very helpful to think of as "Hayter».

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