The oldest pyramid in the world can testify to the existence of a mysterious civilization

In search of an unknown tsivilizatsiiStareyshaya Pyramid of Egypt was built almost 5,000 years ago, but has recently launched a study of such structures it hidden under layers of earth and rubble that may have four times older.

If true, this fact may make to rewrite history and to shed light on the unknown, but advanced for its time, and a powerful ancient civilization.

Megalith Gunung Padang was discovered in 1914 and is the largest in Indonesia. It is located at an altitude of 885 meters above sea level among the volcanoes, banana trees and tea plantations, 120 km south of Jakarta.

Dr. Hillman, chief geologist at the Indonesian Center for geotechnical studies, believes that the pyramid is found evidence of an ancient advanced civilization on the island of Java and that most of the steps of the pyramid was built by several generations of people. Some stones were interconnected by an unknown old adhesive, and radiocarbon analysis showed that it was made in about 7000 BC.

The structure is covered by a massive rectangular stones of volcanic origin, and perhaps hide the walls and the room, steps and terraces, indicating that the complex building.

Based on studies using GPR it was concluded that the hill on the construction has a thickness of 100 meters and consists of several layers. Until now, artificial structures were discovered at a depth of maximum 15 meters.

Experts have dated the layers beneath the surface of the earth for three to four meters, 6,500-m and 12 500 years.

However, the findings of Dr. Hillman challenged, and 34 Indonesian archaeologists and geologists have filed a petition criticizing the methods and motives of his project. They say that the excavations threaten the safety of the megalith.

Volcanologist Sutikno Bronto believes that the observed structure - not a pyramid, and the crater of an old volcano, and stones took shape as a result of natural erosion, and not under the influence of man. Another anonymous expert is skeptical about the existence of an ancient civilization developed, considering that the technical equipment of the people of that time was not sufficient to build a pyramid, because the tools found in a nearby cave, dating back to 7,000 BC, were very primitive.

The oldest pyramid in mireEsli building in West Java actually has an age of 20 000 years old, it is the oldest in the world. In 1996, archaeologists have discovered a pyramid on the Atlantic coast of southern Brazil, built around 3000 BC, making them several hundred years older than the most ancient pyramids of Egypt.

Brazilian pyramid made of shells and built, probably in several stages for decades or even centuries, according to The Independent.

The oldest known Egyptian pyramids - the Step Pyramid of Djoser, which was built in about 2700 BC. e. and consists of six steps. An architect named Imhotep built it for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser. The ancient structure was damaged by an earthquake in 1992, did a great hole in its domed roof, but the recovery is in full swing.



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