Pyramid planet. They really everywhere

While unwell, I listen to a little TV, and it was interesting, but is it true that in the world there are many pyramids. I spent a couple of hours. Here is the result. I do not claim to authority. And yes, in some countries, hundreds of pyramids. Chose 2-3 most-.
50 photos. After the upload of the pyramids has not yet named countries, if there are such? Thanks in advance! [/ B]

1. Canaries. Pyramids of Guimar

2. Egypt. Pyramids of Giza

3. Sudan. Pyramids of Meroe

4. Italy. Pyramid of Cestius

5. Nigeria. The pyramids in honor of Uto

6. Greece. The pyramids on the island Argodid

7. China. Pyramids in the province of Shensi.

8. China. Pyramid Shensi - 2.

9. Korea. Pyramid Chhangunchhon

9.1 Korea. Pyramid Chhangunchhon - 2

10. Mexico. Pyramid of Cholula

11. Mexico. Pyramid of Cuicuilco

12. Mexico. Pyramid Teotiakuan

13. Mexico. Pyramid of the Moon

14. United States. Pyramid Monks Mound

15. France. Pyramid Falikon

16. England. Pyramid in East Sussex

17. India. Pyramid Mahabodhi

18. India. Pyramid Brihadeshvara

19. Russia. Altai. Pyramid Caracol

Russia 19.1. Altai. Pyramid Caracol - 2

20. Indonesia. Pyramid Borobudur

21. Peru. Pyramid Kahuari

22. Peru. Pyramid of the Sun

23. Peru. Pyramid Tukums

24. Russia. Pyramid on the Kola Peninsula

25. Bosnia. Pyramid

26. Abkhazia. Dolmen Koliha (understand - not very similar, but the hypothesis esteemed, consider that a descendant of those facilities)

27. Australia. Pyramid Ghimpu.

28. Algeria. Berber pyramid

29. Japan. Underwater Pyramid Inoguni

30. Belize. Maya Pyramid

31. Bolivia. Pyramid Akapana

32. Vietnam. Pyramid

33. Indonesia. Pyramid Chandi

34. Indonesia. Pyramid Padang

35. Austria. Pyramid

36. Cambodia. Pyramid Kok Coeur

37. Honduras. Pyramid Copan

38. Island Mavrikiy.Piramida

39. El Salvador. Pyramid San Andreas

40. Guatemala. Pyramid near Peras Negras

41. Guatemala. Pyramid yaxha

42. Guatemala. Pyramid iximche

43. Belize. Pyramid Shinantunich

44. El Salvador. Pyramid tazumal

45. Peru. Pyramid of Cholula

46. ​​South Korea. Pyramid Kogyurё

47. Sudan. Pyramids of Nuri

48. Greece. Pyramid Eliniko

49. Antarctica. Pyramid. 2012

50. Ukraine. Pyramids in the Luhansk region

That's all I wanted to say! Maybe something - a mountain or a career. Decide for yourself. One thing is clear - this type of architecture was clearly in vogue. And yes, we continue the theme. Pyramids of which countries you still know (those that are not named)



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