As your bad mood can have a positive impact on your work

Benefits pessimizmaBolshinstvo people tend to start new projects in high spirits. But sometimes it's better to be a pessimist.

A bit of pessimism - only polzuHotya lot of research has confirmed the benefits of optimism at work, dozens of other studies in recent years have studied the reverse side of the coin - as a moderate amount of pessimism can give better performance.

Studies show that a slight anxiety can motivate people and make them more persistent in solving complex problems. In fact, there are many of those before you start experiencing some anxiety or fear. Those who set too much fun, can be dialed from the darker counterparts a healthy share of pessimism, which they certainly need.

As actuarial consultant, Kathy Bloom scans large amounts of information to investigate the alleged negligence of accounting firms. Anxiety motivates her to study the details of the various ways to prove the abuse and continue to think about things in after hours. "Sometimes the solution comes to mind when I'm not at work," - she says.

Maintain "a certain level of skepticism, or a lack of confidence," helps her to focus on the study and re-examination of statements of the accused in the presence of inconsistencies and errors, says Ms. Bloom. Kathy says that if it does not work carefully and meticulously and then take a wrong turn, it will haunt her for a long time.

Some professions, including actuarial science, accounting, computer science and engineering profession, as a rule, are better suited for people with a realistic mindset, focused on details.

Risks merry nastroeniya

Cheerful people "often simply enter battle without regard for others," says Janet Johnson, president of Learning in Action Technologies in Seattle, specializing in consulting and training. It can substitute a blow colleagues and subordinates, she said. Janet overly optimistic advises customers to slow down to get information from others.

Jeanine Acantilado VOLYNSKOE recognizes that its natural optimistic attitude has led to an underestimation of risk in a previous job as director of personnel and forced to promise many times more than it was actually possible. Ms. Volyn, owner of Elan Consulting Services, a coaching firm in Albany, Georgia, says that learned to appreciate the importance of the negative point of view. She listens to colleagues who could warn her about the risks and obstacles, and includes a team of employees who are "more pessimistic than I have to insure themselves».

Negative emotions can to warn people away from risky bets, according to a study published in 2012 in the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. The simulated gambling, participants who are in a sad mood, often made bets based on a logical calculation. They knew that after a series of losses is high probability of winning. Is located in a good mood people often move on to a risky strategy.

"Limiting courtesy"

Many employers try to hire staff, promising to work a pleasure. Those who come into this too far, prevent criticism and dissent, says Haley Bok, president of Fierce Inc., Seattle, specializing in training on leadership development. One retailer, its client companies, promote positive interaction so much that the staff could not talk about the problems or imminent threat of business. For this reason, the company held its expensive, but a losing strategy for too long.

The main advantage of the gloomy mood - that understanding other people's feelings and reactions. In 2011, a study conducted by researchers at Northeastern University in Boston, 50 people watched through binoculars on an image - an ordinary house, smiling face, frown or a person with a neutral expression. We had to choose one image as the dominant. Participants with a negative mood were more focused on the people, especially in gloomy.

"I was always good"

The owner of an accounting firm Julie Wenger care about how customers react to its employees. "Accountants have to understand the mood and needs of customers, and more fun too often does not lead to anything good," - says Ms. Wenger. Recently, she was concerned that one of the staff was too optimistic, saying that it is always good when he was asked how he reacts to what is happening around.

"It scares me, because I can not be always good. When you are subject to taxes, what good? "- Says Ms. Wenger, owner of Phoenix Tax Consultants in Feniksville, Pennsylvania, and obliges go coaching staff who seem to be too optimistic or unconcerned, explaining the need to improve their professionalism.



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