How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud on holiday 10 tips that will be useful

The last thing you want to travel on a long-awaited holiday - is upset because of the small local scams fraudsters. < Website publishes a selection of useful tips on how to avoid this


The essence of the fraud:. taxi drivers arsenal of relatively fair way of taking money did not poorer than that of Ostap Bender. Tourists can shortchange or get to pay more in dozens of different situations

How to deal:.

Do not catch a taxi at the railway stations and other places tourist crowds. Move a little further - with every one hundred meters of the trip price can be reduced significantly. Require to include the counter (if any). «By meter» understand all taxi drivers in the world. Stipulate the price before getting into the car (if there is no meter in the taxi). To estimate the approximate cost of a trip, you can quickly in the mind. Evaluate the mileage (in applications for smartphones or Google Maps), divide it by 10 and multiply the price of a liter of gasoline in the country. Haggle! Share a taxi driver named a price in half (in Asia - three times) and observe the reaction. Try not to bargain with the driver, standing with a group of colleagues - with the support it is unlikely to give way. You do not pay commission. The driver, who advises you to the hotel, will work for you. In many "tourist" countries running a scheme in which the hotel pays a commission to the taxi driver who has delivered clients. The money is immediately included in your automatic bill number. < Where possible - try not to pay it forward when negotiate on the spot. Whether it's a trip in a taxi or stay at the guesthouse. Prepayment deprives you of the arguments

banknotes of different denominations and fake The essence of the fraud:. you try to convince them that you are not paid hundred-ruble notes, and hand over tens or counterfeit banknotes
How to deal:

Do not change the currency "with hands". The most common fakes are distributed is through "me." Always there are banks or fixed exchange points. And almost always, you can use an ATM to get local currency. There are exceptions, such as Cuba, where there are two official currencies - for tourists and locals, but there are countries in the world a little bit. Be careful with cash calculations in tourist areas. Learn in advance on the Internet, look like local bills. And, again, do not change money on the street. ATMs and payment karty

The essence of the fraud: The attacker gets your credit card information - sometimes with your knowledge, sometimes without - and resets your score

How to. fight:

Use ATMs in the lobby expensive hotels or in the offices of banks, does not pay by credit card in dubious stores in tourist areas. Inspect the ATM. Sometimes skimmer (reader) can notice even a layman. Keep a separate card for travel abroad. Let her be as much money as you are willing to lose in a pinch. Replenish the card from another account as required through the Internet or SMS-banking. Abroad withdraw money from ATMs, pay in restaurants and shops, or online only with this card. Fake cops The essence of the fraud: Fun, posing as police or dishonest true servants of the law asked to present a passport and suddenly find any problems with your visa. And, of course, the promise of a bribe "to solve the problem." This scam occurs mainly in poor undeveloped countries

How to deal:.

Do not be nervous and be confident. Your documents are checked at the airport border guards: they know that they know, like visa should look like. And if you are allowed to enter the country, the chances that a visa that something is wrong, tends to zero. Ask to show identification. It is a legal requirement in most countries. You will immediately see by the reaction, one in front of you. Remember that once your passport is in the hands of a rogue, you lose the argument. Insist that present your passport at the station. It is enough to politely explain that you are a tourist and do not know what it looks like the local uniform, and for sure prefer to show a passport at the police station. Shopping and counterfeiting

The essence of the fraud: Rolex and Armani for a penny? You know perfectly well where to make these Rolex and Armani - for the "cheap Chinese fakes," no longer have to go to Asia. In any country in the world will be glad slipped artisanal stuff things under the guise of an expensive brand, "with a significant discount»

How to deal:. Ride the shopping in the big Outlets, good sales all over the world each year It is happening more and more. To save as much as possible, go for shopping in the big Outlets in Europe and buy tickets at discounted prices, or in advance, by following the recommendations Skyscanner!

«It closed» The essence of the fraud:. Are you a local resident speaks and tells that wherever you go, now closed (prevention, celebration, fire). But the stranger knows other wonderful places where you will be even more interesting. What a monument to show you the same. But on the way you go to the shops, where the escort works for the commission. And at the end of the conversation will turn in such a way that you think, "Man has spent so much time with me, he should be compensated." And compensate

How to deal: Obsessive attempts to strike up a conversation of local residents, particularly in Asia, - a signal of non-standard situations.. The insistent stranger, the greater the chance that he was a swindler. If you have a feeling, even if vague, that there is something strange, politely tell them that in a hurry and say goodbye. But no paranoia - there are many sincere people who are interesting to talk with you in the world

had the opportunity to make money or get rich.? Go away, you are deceived. Tourists are created to spend money, not make money. 99% of exceptions to this rule - fraud

better deal The essence of the fraud: The stranger speaks to you on the street, and after a couple of minutes, you know: he - trader emeralds (carpets, antiques, jewelry); the country's severe quotas on the export of these products and their merchant already exhausted; Fortunately, foreigners are not subject to quota, and therefore have a unique opportunity to earn. You just have to buy goods for pennies here, take in the country and there to sell five times more expensive relatives merchant

How to deal:. The opportunity to earn really is. But not you. The main rule is: an opportunity to enrich themselves on holiday - run, you are deceived. Tourists are created to spend money, not make money. And 99% of exceptions to this rule - a fraud, which plays on the banal greed

Gifts The essence of the fraud: The stranger makes you a gift, saying that even from across the street noticed until then. you are a wonderful person. The gift can be as simple as can be (or look) very expensive. In any case, soon a situation where you "take" a couple of hundred dollars or be asked to do some serious favor

How to deal:. When the young man gives a strange girl flowers - it way to meet. Other gifts from strangers tourists - this is likely to attempt deception

Beggars and poproshaykiSut fraud: Industry of poverty has evolved over the centuries, and its representatives (from pre-school to retirement age) in all major cities of the world.. They can be touching letters or cute animals, they can look in tears, or tell heartbreaking stories. Unfortunately, in most cases, from your alms begging pennies will go - the rest goes up the chain

How to deal:

. At the sight of beggars reluctantly, to try not to make eye contact and say: "No". Sometimes it is very difficult to do, and in India - nearly impossible. Think about that, even if it is a real beggar - your alms only give him an excuse to continue begging. Do not enter into contact with the beggars. Rehearse the history of grimy boy on how he wants to become a programmer, but not enough for college, you knock out a tear and money. And the money will go not to study. Bonus sovetChto would you look, whatever heard - be rational and do not be afraid. Chance to get into trouble abroad, most often, is much lower than in a residential area of ​​Moscow. In a world of huge amount of sincere and honest people, and only a handful of cheaters. A care, prudence and benevolence will help you out in any country and in almost any situation.



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