40 above the scams you may come across during the journey

Most often, for understandable reasons, victims of fraud are tourists. Like children caught in an unfamiliar area, they rush for help to the first comer, and often inclined to believe everyone heard him the word. And that's where it can lead.

Most travelers don't know the language of the country you wish to visit and are not familiar with its culture and traditions. Alas, this does not affect the often flippant attitude toward the safety of their own wallet. If to simplify attackers the task, people fearlessly continue to carry in their pockets a significant portion of their hard-earned savings.

The culprit, unlike his would-be victim, agile and cunning. And there is nothing surprising: legs feed the wolf. An experienced fraud professional knows dozens of ways to attempt on the safety of your vacation Fund. Moreover, in an effort to bamboozle you villain constantly hone their skills, so encourage them to answer — a task extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Despite the apparent obviousness at times one or another combination in which people can in time become a person in the victim, the essence of Affairs, this does not change money, as they say, and the train left. But it's not so bad, because it also happens that the traveler not be the last to know that something went wrong — so clever tricks are often able to do those willing to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

In General, the essence remains the same: being foolhardy and careless is happy on vacation, you seriously run the risk to be one (okay if not) in a foreign country. Without documents and money.

Resort scammers usually beneficial to use the imperfect letter of the law and various loopholes in the system of state control in achieving their goals. That's why to this day tourists coming to stay from season to season, always at heightened from the crime to his attention.

Today let's talk about how to protect themselves and their reserves, if they went to relax at the resort. Let us recall some known methods of divorce and look at a situation by accident once in which should be alert.

Street ways of divorce

1. Baubles and other artisanal jewelry

Something fashionable, and something eternal. One of these timeless pieces is the legacy of Woodstock — wicker baubles. At that time hippies wove them from the available material (laces, leather scraps, ribbon, and any such rubbish) and gave each other in token of friendship or love, depending on the situation.

This tradition has not lost its popularity. To this day on some noisy street, where a lively trade takes place in all sorts of Souvenirs and beach paraphernalia, you can gently to settle the good-natured kind of pod person or group goners. Start talking about God knows what nonsense he'll aim to your hand and will offer on-the-go to the above link you a homemade bracelet, so to speak, as a sign of friendship and world unity.

It may be that he really will make a good souvenir after your eyes street master-class on weaving. But don't be surprised if the cost of such services exceeds the joy of owning a drawstring on a good memory. Oh yeah, I forgot! Check did that out of your pockets?

We have these tricks are done in a bit different way. Probably the subway or train you pay attention to the kind of blessed couple, silently (as if deaf), expanding on an unoccupied seats key rings or some other gift a trifle. People, like, become sorry, and they are served — people are compassionate, as you know.

2. A bunch of do not want? Flowers is a favorite gift to give to that special sign of attention will not go out of fashion, perhaps never. Walking along the promenade and enjoying the sights hand in hand with a beautiful companion, you can meet a helpful young man (however, it could be a girl or dear old worse), which will offer you a modest bouquet For your beautiful girls!".

You probably already guessed, that made the flowers might more than offset a candlelit dinner in the restaurant. But too late: who would want to show themselves alien to the romance of a miser in the eyes of women. Russia is also a very popular option of divorce.

3. Ring-ring rings are generally a lot of options. Maybe someone is now thinking about getting married, but talking about something else. One of the most famous stunts performed just on the street, usually crowded. The essence again is the desire to play on the inherent humanity of greed.

Is the following scene: an unsuspecting tourist is on the street and enjoys changing in front of him spatial perspective. At some point when he least waiting for a certain person with the perfected movement of the hand will throw the ring under the feet of a potential victim. Further, the speculator will raise him up and loudly inquire, they say, does not your, Mr. ring? "What to do with the finding? continues meanwhile, the dialogue. — Ring, I see valuable, can buy? I tell you, so be it, I will concede."

The situation seems incredibly simple, but it's inherent in the people the desire to obtain easy money. Be careful.

4. O God, hold your baby! There are scenes from the "no time to explain". You know what I mean? Well. For example, you go to the bus stop, the plans you have to ride back to the tour center. In the most unexpected moment in front of you in a crowd of people stumbling a woman with a nursing child in her arms. Panic, a packet of baby flies you straight into the hands. You're trying to catch the child, and sluggishness "mother" screaming and... throws to run, picking up the bag with your documents and wallet, which you forgot to think, saving the life of a doll baby.

I agree, it's a cruel psychological trick. By the way, don't forget that the intruder does not have to rush the kids right and left. It is possible that it will be an innocent request to hold the baby half a minute.

5. Trick ball and cups, or twist-twirl, want to confuse It is a pure classic street magic tricks, are ubiquitous. I think I saw a similar trick in the childhood, in some Soviet film (not tell?).

A trickster deploys a lively performance, accompanied by surprised shouts which are heard from the crowd of onlookers. Magician is damn good at his job, the hand movements are all fascinating. In fact the trick is that some of these viewers around you does not Gawker. And they have long since played a role in this view, passing through what? Properly, it again your pockets.

Say that can be to learn how to do the trick. If you learn, use this knowledge for good.

6. And again wallet Purse, lonely lying in the middle of the sidewalk, sooner or later will attract the eye of one of the passers-by and force you to stop to pick it up. All the same greed sometimes makes us forget about the basic rules of caution. Don't get thus these people leaning over a stranger to an empty wallet, the risk of losing his full. Do not forget that thieves rarely operate alone and almost no risk. So, for example, villain act on the streets of Argentina. Clever, isn't it?

7. Nimble awkwardness of hands This trick also from the category classic. It was used one of the heroines of the film "Heartbreakers" performed by Jennifer Love Hewitt (Jennifer Love Hewitt). To strike up an acquaintance with interesting man-a millionaire, she allegedly accidentally spilled on his shirt, a glass of red wine. As you know, it was just an excuse. In the case of street crooks it will be an occasion to help you clean not only the shirt or the jacket, but grab something that is bad in the pockets. Somehow it seems to me that women inadvertently throwing at you, by passing the wine should be scared twice.

8. Street Shoe Shiner Trick, used on the streets of Istanbul. Shoe brush accidentally drop under your nose, and when you pick up and give to its owner, it to Shine Polish your shoes as a sign of appreciation. However, then it is more money asked for it. In short, if the shoes are OK, brushes on the street is better not to pick up.

9. The sellers of rosemary Here has not done without mysticism. Say that in Madrid or new Delhi are Dating older women, offering passers-by to buy them a sprig of rosemary and tell fortunes by the hand of happiness. Not free, of course. But if you pay you don't want, these grandmas can try a spell on you send and anathema. Not very nice really. Holy, Holy!

10. Casual photographer They can become so time bystanders a bystander from the crowd, whom you and your friend ask them to capture you together in the background of the Sagrada Familia. Maybe nothing bad will happen. However, options still two: either you pay a nominal sum for this service, or the good-natured stranger run away with your SLR.

11. Unknown rap artist Why rap? It's hard to say. Likely to break into the world of hip-hop music it is most difficult: not easy to survive to grow on the dirty streets of the poor quarter. Anyway, once, during my first trip to the States in 2002, I became a member of the following schemes: I was approached by a black guy with a boom box on his shoulder, started to actively read, like good will, so to speak. It was at the gas station, we stood in line. This "artist" sang us a couple more of his inspired recitatives and moved on to the main issue of the financing of his unrecognized talent. The role of producer and sponsor, as you understand, the guy, without thinking twice, chose me.

Fortunately, the queue at the gas station came, we paid and quickly left, because after our new friends began to approach almost indistinguishable from his kind friends. They set was determined. I think not ued quickly, the negotiations could be delayed if you do not end up not in our favor.

12. The drug dealer In the popular resorts in some Asian countries, along with the usual taxi widespread this mode of transport like auto rickshaw. A lot of them, for example, on the island of Koh Phangan, in the Gulf of Thailand. This island is loved by many people around the world and was immortalized by Director D. Boyle, in the famous film "the Beach", in which the main role was played by the then young Leonardo DiCaprio.

So, the first year monthly on Koh Phangan are dance events known as Full Moon Party, and the taxi drivers and the stories of tuk tuks earn selling drugs visiting fans Vespers vigils to loud music.

However, officially, it is known that for the storage of all drugs in Thailand (and Koh Phangan belongs to just that state) for a long time of jail, or even forfeit his own life for misconduct on the island. Local (of course, if you decide to buy any potions) will not fail this opportunity to make use of and can stage his "personalities" in the midst of which the next will be the pretended guardian of order, strict and unforgiving. Not alien to corruption, as you probably already guessed. Yes, drugs lead to no good.

13. Taxi Dubrovka just In case we will mention this kind of Scam with tourists in the lead role. It is not necessarily the resort, but in any unfamiliar city anywhere in the world where you can theoretically place an easy one. Not going to beat around the Bush: methods to increase your earnings from negligent drove a lot — from twisted counter to the deliberately long detour routes in the area with far greater mileage. In principle, these days such troubles can be avoided by ordering an official hotel transfer from the airport or having studied the route and its estimated cost in advance.

14. Intercity bus Bus sometimes can cause much more harm to your financial state, than a careless taxi driver. Everything is worse: cheap tickets beckons free, but you end up paying exorbitant price. Not for the tickets, and stolen from the Luggage of any thing of value to thieves. Follow the rule "it is", and will you guys happiness.

15. The trick with the surrender by the driver of a minibus or taxi, be careful what you give on the change. It often happens that the crafty resort to a simple trick, you vparivaya local "banana pennies" is necessary to all without exception currency. Sometimes taxi driver can "accidentally" drop the coin and the floor to raise any AZN and you stretching as if nothing had happened.

I fell for this trick in normal Moscow bus No. 28M three years ago.

16. The tyre A on vacation rent cars or scooters to save on taxi services. However, the car rented, as a rule, stands out from the crowd by advertising on her sides and other distinctive signs. Local craftsmen discreetly puncture one of the wheels, and then offer services for the tire. This service "on the knee" can be free. The danger lies in the fact that while one master will be messing with the wheel, the other can wield in the car, where you hastily left your bags or mobile phone.

17. Thieves in the trains They were, are and always will be. In the train or the underground people are limited in space, standing very close to each other. This certainly will take advantage pickpockets, who know a hundred ways to divert your attention away from the pockets with money and documents are lying inside.

18. Taxi driver is a fugitive Driving you to the hotel from the airport, helpful driver can open the trunk lid and will help to bring the suitcases to the reception. Hurrying to the next client, he's not going to count the money you give him for the perfect trip. And it's not because the taxi driver is not a trifle. Most likely, one of your smaller bags and left lying in the trunk of his car, and now he must quickly slip away. Really, the yellow cars are already on the horizon is not visible. Late.

With situations that may arise on the street, everything seems to be clear. Let's look at a number of other potentially dangerous situations, which is not always possible to exit without any losses.

What is to be feared in shops and other public places

1. Chatty cashier

Paying at the checkout, be doubly careful if the cashier is doing several things at once, for example, solves a question on the phone. He may be busy taking pictures or overwrites the data of your credit card, using a red herring.

2. Slow cashier unlike his previous colleagues, the guy to hurry up if not able from birth. Deliberately counting change hellishly slow, it expects that your patience is about to burst and you will leave without waiting.

That's how many times I watched this is performed by our Russian brothers-the taxi drivers! In stores, fortunately, have not yet met.

3. Bargain in the jewelry In this kind of Scam again, not without stories of tuk tuks drivers. These fellows work in pairs: one carries customers, while the second depicts another happy camper, for example. When you arrive by tuk tuk to your destination, nearby, allegedly by accident, this cheerful lad, who said that he knows a place where you can buy diamonds and pearls at bargain prices. The purpose of this event is to put you in one of the hundreds of little shops with the most ordinary product.

4. Suspicious doctor of Medicine was always untilled field for speculators of all time. You can meet do not inspire special trust, the type that will have a doctor (most likely on vacation or retired). "Doctor" casually offered to purchase from him the false documents confirming the presence of a disease, showing that upon returning home, your insurance company, you will be able to earn good money. I think very few people that may be interested, but still be alert and do not engage in shady deals.

5. Disguised COP all Sorts of tricks with utility clothing and disguises will not out of fashion ever. "Don't believe your eyes!" one of my favorite aphorisms. In any public place you can approach a member of the police or similar government agencies and to explain that he was involved in operations against counterfeiters who are operating in the area. With the purpose to establish, are you a victim of these scams, he will ask to look at the contents of your wallet. Fluently having examined him, "a police officer" stretch it back, but without part of the once lying it cuts.

6. Fake tickets Standing in long queues at the concert, show or some other major event, be wary of traders offering to buy the better tickets directly with the hands. Tickets, though the type itself is quite real, at the entrance will be a fake, purchased at an above average price several times.

Scam involving local and their children1. Megaplay local Nice man who speaks your language, will gladly volunteer to help you cope with the strange local ATM, passing by. Better ignore it and take it to your nearest Bank: "well-wisher" is not difficult to memorize your pin code and then give a tip to their local friends-pickpockets.

2. The seller guides since I started this distrust post, then go to the end. Our next heroes — sellers of guide books. Actually it's all the same pickpockets, only the "side view" as they say. Showing you the map, they deployed it in front of your face, so what? That's right, to divert all your attention and to check if there are any in your pocket something for them.

3. A beggar or vagrant is Often is not a man and a woman who may be a child or be pregnant. It must evoke a feeling of pity and compassion that will make your heart tremble and submit a little unhappy. "Do not become scanty hand of the giver" — says the Scripture. With Scripture, we agree, it is possible to serve or not to serve tramps charity is a personal matter. But do not forget that because of the angle your actions can closely monitor all the same is a thief-a pickpocket.

4. Masseur Basking on the beach under the hot sun, you can see another suggestion about the service — the massage. Even if you refuse, my massage therapist will get rid of not so easy, so it is best to firmly push him away.

5. Cherchez la femme Women can be crafty — they know it all, but nevertheless sometimes behave very careless, once on vacation alone. Of course, I'm talking about the victims innocent flirting — lonely bored men.

The scheme is simple: the man approaches a beautiful young lady who starts a casual conversation, laughter, jokes, champagne. The man smiles: the girl agreed to spend the evening with him at the bar. However, this is banal divorce on money: the account will be space, and meeting — time.

By the way, based on personal experience, I would say that Singapore is generally a separate profession. In the evening, each bar hangs out with five cute girls, trying to meet and go with you in the arms of the nearest bar. The point is that the cost of cocktails for you and your new friend will be different in several times, treating it, you can be left without a penny. And know what to expect of the evening — an arrogant stupidity.

6. The pseudo-victim of a pickpocket Is supposedly conscious people, though affected by the actions of street thieves. They brothers will tell you that was obrabeni literally from minute to minute right where you are now. If you have thought to reach out to check if everything is in place, do not rush! These people are not tourists, but those same thieves, who only need you to show them where and what you have.

7. Broken camera Illegal antics with expensive equipment all about the same. Be careful when someone asks you to photograph his (or her) with a group of friends in the background of something. Taking the camera in hand and ready to click the shutter, you can detect that the device is not functioning, and when you try to return it to the owner, he may claim pay for broken equipment, calling on friends.

8. Students-linguists Traveling for language practice students — a common occurrence. But keep in mind that fraud has penetrated into the field of further education, if I may say so. Girls totally innocent look may ask you to speak to them in English "to practice". The conversation can quickly move into the mainstream of begging to say: we are from a poor country/family, help us financially so we can continue the education. Horror, in General, these poor students.

9. Nuts and other "seeds" to Me, this type of fraud never met. It is said that the table in the cafe to you on the space may get hooked man. After some time, he will scatter in front of you nuts, but if you take one or two to taste, will require payment.

I just haven't gave this guy a business. Anyway, you never know what these nuts can be.

10. Postcard view of the Poor little boy handing you a postcard and a pen, asks you to help him write a letter home. In the letter, he tells of his plight in exile and other hardships that will cause you to pity and help the poor financially. A very hard method for me.

11. Donations There is nothing special to say — the subject is known. A group of children pretending to be deaf, will surround you and ask you to sign some petition to help a certain organization. While you are busy, they will ask you for money or to climb on your pockets and bag.

12. Roma children To this point could be considered the contents of five to seven preceding paragraphs, are described in this article. The little devils will not let you pass, and Newspapers trying to sell you cigarettes, and chewing gum. On the pockets and values, I think you already guessed.

Hotel fraud

1. Closed for repairs

The popular scheme, which involved a taxi driver. If you are not well informed about the place where are going to stay during the holidays, the taxi driver will try to convince you that you need the hotel was closed for repairs, and will offer to take you to another. Upon arrival, you will be surprised at extremely cheap option overnight with unreasonably high price. Most likely, the hotel will be in the wilderness or inconvenient from the point of view of tourism. Therefore, I recommend to contact the place of prospective accommodation.

2. The alleged call from the reception in the Late evening in the room can do the call. The voice on the other end will call your name and inform that this service location. He will need to clarify the details of your credit card to invoice. Remember: never give out such information over the phone, especially as in most hotels your credit card is required at the stage of booking. So, you call scammers.

3. Hotel clerks and other service personnel, Your can disrupt the peace of two people, dressed in the uniform of the hotel staff, with the aim "to check if you were all right." Knocking at the door, they enter. While one will distract you with some questions, the second will make their own criminal case without interference.

4. Fake menu from the nearest restaurant Inventive Scam artists don't stop at simple enrichment schemes at the expense of others. One of the relatively recent trends — a fake menu of the nearest to the hotel restaurants. So the scammers take the order from your room, using your laziness and unwillingness to be dragged anywhere. You will be risking to die of hunger, but the bill for this dinner, debited in cash with your debit card, will be very real.

Many of these scams can be played skilled "artists" without a hitch. Perhaps with something of the above you have encountered personally, on something you told friends. Anyway, let's pay attention to scheduled rest without unnecessary litigation and the intervention of foreign (and especially domestic) law enforcement!

I propose to continue the discussion in the comments. Tell us about the methods of fraud that is to be feared abroad, and the expanses of our Motherland. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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