Cosmetics, chemistry and biotechnology. How to navigate?

Chemistry and Biotechnology.
The development of chemistry has led to the discovery of many new substances and the identification of mineral (= application) properties. The results of these studies will be introduced and implemented on a daily basis in one form or another in our lives. But the rapid development of biotechnology in the last 50 years and the current implementation of the results in a better quality of life to a greater extent affected and will affect different spheres of human life.

Knowledge gained at this point (and constantly updated) in the field of organic chemistry and biochemistry, allow producers of goods from the "new" properties (anti-aging, healing, toning, bleaching, gluing, etc.) at least every day to create something new (in the sense of a new molecule), and to declare that the substance is better than what has been created before. Moreover, the manifestation of new or desirable properties is occasionally observed without the creation of new molecules, but only as a result of manipulation of the proportions of substances in the mixture. All together creates a virtually unlimited source for "new formulas", "new effects", "new activities", etc.

Scientific development, in addition to the "Results for the people", the costs that any investor would like to return as soon as possible. If the quality of goods is not controlled by law and is not strictly identified methods ochenki quality of certain criteria, it can lead to extremely undesirable (for the user / buyer) consequences. The reader can verify this yourself by reading, for example, with a history of drug or other Thalidomide tragedy, called Elixir Sulfanilamide tragedy. To prevent such errors FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has introduced very stringent requirements to market drugs and without verification of their biological activity on many levels, not the drug is approved for sale.

What is the situation with makeup?
To date, the creation of means and cosmetic compositions is not accompanied by testing for the harmlessness to humans as far as tested drugs. Although the medical and biochemical tochkek view, cosmetics and medicines are equivalent in principle, it will tell the reader any qualified beautician, and / or a dermatologist. It is understood that the tests are carried out, and potassium cyanide in a soothing night cream for body none of the manufacturers do not add, but these tests are simple and do not take into account the long-term use of cosmetics. A legally protected quality cosmetics really bad, and any manufacturer can get away from responsibility in case of any claims. This, of course, allows manufacturers to put profit above the health of customers.

The main danger lies in the fact that people use cosmetics for a long time and continuously. Also sometimes pronounced allergy to cosmetics apparent negative effect for a long time there. But at the biochemical level it is. Actually, almost everything that touches the human body, it is perceived (by the body) as the food, and, of course, to some extent absorbed. Including that it is applied to the skin. We do not notice, do not think about it. There are even those who used to believe that "there is only the head and the body, where to eat." But it is not. For example, smokers often is a primary cancer of the bowel, although I doubt that any of them when the smoke inhaled duodenal intestine. Carcinogens come from the lungs into the bloodstream and then spread to all organs; sometimes they accumulate in the cells of the intestine.

Almost all of the substances included in the composition of cosmetic products are absorbed through the skin and into the blood, lymph, and then spread throughout the body. Part is not digested and excreted naturally, part recycled and part is embedded in the cells impairs their function and the cells form the alien tissue damage organs, ultimately affecting health. And in the case of cosmetics that influence extends over a very long time, and the negative effect occurs when the body is clogged so that he consult with the cleansing can not. In general, the use of poor-quality cosmetics, is like smoking.

How to determine what quality cosmetics?
To date, high-quality advertising replaces the reason in more than 90% of the population of any country. I hope that this is just another step in the development of Homo sapiens. For those who prefer a little talk before unquestioningly perform "drink me" written on the bottle, we need some criteria, using which to choose. The criterion is simple - all the ingredients in cosmetics should be natural. Nature millions of years to hone the biochemical processes that do not require adjustment and improvement on the part of the person (the manufacturer). And in nature (and only there) made substances and materials that are effective and necessary to maintain the health and beauty enhancing human immunity. It is clear that most manufacturers advertise their beauty products as "only natural" contain "only natural ingredients," "made using only modern biotechnology" and so on. Without a common biochemical and biological education any buyer will excuse me, "as a goof divorced».

Knowledge is always invaluable and the strong, who knows more! It is necessary to form themselves. The packaging of any cosmetic product is part of, and almost everyone today has at least a bunch of computer Internet Wikipedia. Almost to each component can find information about its naturalness properties (including effects on living organisms), allowable quantities and areas of use. Do not be lazy to read in English, English-language sites usually contain more information.

By studying the effects of cosmetics on living cells no data on the websites of virtually any, even very, very reputable cosmetic company. Is not it disturbing? I do not mean the noodles to the ears of the "clinically tested", "approved by dermatologists," and so on. Dermatologist / dentist / surgeon for advertising you can buy, and the facts, figures, research results are not sold anywhere else. They can only get, and hard work.

For those who have mastered the given material, I recommend visiting the site of one researcher. His scientific approach to the development of methods for cosmetics and its quality, belong to the so-called fourth-generation cosmetics. This is a rare example of how, in general, is to create natural, healthy cosmetics. For example - the cosmetics of this firm should be stored at T & lt; 10 ° C, since at room temperature they spoil, as, indeed, and all natural products. The good news is that these researchers and companies have in Russia. On the site you can find compositions, age limits, methods of analysis, biochemical tests of cosmetic compositions. It also provides data verification utility and nutritional cosmetic products of more than 100 Russian and non-Russian companies. In the department of "library" is a school of cosmetology research, which sets out the basic principles of cosmetics.

PS I wish you all good health!
About Me. 28 years. From Saint-Petersburg. Ph.D. in organic chemistry. Who is developing a synthesis of the drug for the treatment of lung cancer. Diseru posted on new methods of synthesis of alkaloids and antiviral drugs. Interested in cosmetics as a natural alternative to preventive medication. And yet - learn biochemistry and mathematics, because Biochemistry - the science of the 21st century, and mathematics, as you know, mind in order!


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