The equipment for tattoo

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Tattoo creation was a long and laborious process. To get a high result, you must carefully pick up all the tools and materials for the job. Beginning masters study in detail these questions to avoid buying low quality product.

Tools and their choice
Tattooing involves the introduction of dye into the dermis with a sharp needle. The wizard should correctly control the depth of its introduction that the pigment was not too trapped inside, but did not remain on the surface. In the first case, the color can go in cold and bluish shades, and in the second- quickly clarified.

In the process of creating of tattoo artist often use special machines that allow you to do multiple strokes of the needle in one second of time. Thus, the skin worked out pretty quickly. Modern devices to create a tattoo have a fairly large capacity that allows you to easily work with both thin and thick skin. In addition, machines equipped with gears, which means that the master can control the frequency of the movement of the needle. With regard to the depth of insertion of the needle, the specialist can also set the desired mode, or to control the process independently.

Machine for tattooing are of the following types:
  • Rotary. This is a good option for beginners. The devices allow you to set and adjust the speed and force of the blow needle. Due to the characteristics of the device such devices practically do not create vibrations and produce less noise. With this machine, created a clear and fine lines, as well as uniform fill color. The importance of motor. From its quality depends on the life;
  • Induction. The device is popular with experienced master tattoo. Distinguish between models for contour, full rendering or shading equipment. Often choose a combined device with three functions. For optimum performance, this machine will require a powerful tattoo power supply. You also need to carefully examine how good and reliable is the springs, coils, frames, and contacts. The needle stroke is uniform, and the force of the blow is adjustable. The only downside is increased vibration, which requires strength and confidence of the hand of the master;
  • Pneumatic. The work is based on the air supply. The needle moves easily and silently. The cost of such devices is quite high.

What should be the machine
When selecting apparatus for tattoos the wizard first focuses on the manufacturer and the quality of the motor. Most experienced professionals prefer Japanese motors are known for their reliability and high durability. In addition, you should study reviews about the firm-manufacturer. Do not buy cheap cars, which in future will manifest their shortcomings in a weak power or precision strike needle.

Should focus on such parameters as:
  • Power. It needs to be quite large, which will extend the service life of the device;
  • Speed. Usually the adjustment is on the two speed needles. This will allow you to pick up parameters for different type of skin;
  • Weight. Machine for tattoo should be easy to master does not get tired;
  • Convenience. It is necessary to test the device. If after the first the discomfort, then you should try the device a little less or more.
data the device can be made of durable plastic, have inclusions of metal. It is better to choose a functional device that allows you to work in different techniques while creating beautiful tattoos.


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