The ABCs of prison tattoos

As you know, in prison tattoos mean a lot. This method of separating friend from foe, and an indicator of status symbol. Because at all times Zeki treated them particularly scrupulous. In continuation of the post the most popular tattoos of Soviet prisoners and their interpretation! Look!

In the photo: snake entwine neck - a sign that the owner of the tattoo uses. Most prisoners - dependent. Many of the crimes they committed in a state of intoxication. Stars on the clavicle and epaulettes on the shoulders say that in front of us credibility. Pants on prisoners - form part of the colony of special regime of strict prison regime in the Soviet Union. Inmates such colonies are called especially dangerous recidivists, their account may be serious crimes. They were sentenced to a strict detention than other prisoners, and can not be released on parole.

The stars on his shoulders saying that the prisoner - a criminal "authority". Medals - prerevolutionary awards, so their image becomes a sign of defiance to the Soviet regime.

Images of monasteries, churches, cathedrals, the Virgin Mary, saints and angels, usually on the chest and back, means belonging to the world of thieves and "concepts". Tattoos in the form of skulls, in some places accompanied by the image of an angel flying away, saying that the prisoner was convicted of murder. Coffin - another sign of the murder, it buried the dead.

Form epaulets tattooed on their shoulders, or borrowed from the pre-revolutionary forms, or from an existing Soviet, both versions speak of the negative attitude of the owner of the system. These tattoos are found in criminal authorities, bearing such nicknames as "major" or "Colonel." Epaulettes with three small stars or skulls can be deciphered as follows: "I am not a slave camps, no one can force me to work", "I am a prisoner, but the Born Free", "I'm a colonel in the area - I will not get my hands dirty on a wheelbarrow," " Strong win - the weak die "," From the work horses die ».

On hand written, "Remember me, do not forget" and "15 years I waited for you».

This man - a Muslim. On the left abdomen - religious building with a crescent moon, his features also indicate that he was not Russian. He is not the authority of the criminal world, but trying to pretend im using tattoos that had to increase its position in the prison hierarchy. Lighthouse on the right hand represents the desire for freedom. Handcuffs on each wrist saying that he was sentenced more than five years in prison.

Madonna and Child - mascot thieves protects against misfortune and misery. He also points out that the owner was a thief from an early age: "Prison - my home", "Child of the prison».

Eight-pointed star - the emblem of authority thief living on the "rules of the underworld." There are many versions of "thieves" stars. The lines inside the star ends mean that the owner of the tattoo was carrying military service, but dropped it and went to the crime, such prisoners literally tattoos mean "I despise the army».

"Demon" on the shoulders of the prisoner symbolize hatred for authority and the prison hierarchy. This type of tattoo is known as the "grin" - its owner "showing teeth" system. Sometimes, "grins" anti-Soviet accompany the signature.

On hand written "Thank you, my dear motherland, for our youth ruined».

The image of a dagger on his throat says that the inmate committed the murder in prison, and you can hire to he made another. Drops of blood can mean the number of people killed them.

Many criminals Lenin perceived as a "godfather" (leader) of the Communist Party. Letters thief who can sometimes be seen under his picture, carry a double meaning. It is an acronym for the phrase "leader of the October Revolution", but also just the Russian word "thief».

The inscription on his chest: "Whoever is not with me is against me».

Swastika and Nazi symbols may mean that their owner like fascism, although they often do, to show hostility to the prisoner or prison camp administration. In the Soviet period, the administration often forcibly remove those tattoos - or surgically, or with the ink. The image of a mermaid can mean a conviction for child molestation. In prison slang to refer to commit such a crime has the words "amurik", "shaggy" and "universal".

The inscription on the cross: "My God! Save and protect his servant ... Victor "under the cross -" My God, do not judge me for my, and in His mercy. " The inscription above the waist "*** hardship and grief ..." [Indifferent to distress and grief].

Skull and bones indicate that a prisoner serving a life sentence. One eight-pointed star means he poluavtoritet among thieves. Girl clinging dress rod, on his left forearm - Tattoo bullies and tyrants. The snake curled around the human remains (in the crook of each arm) - the old version of thieves tattoos. The snake - a symbol of temptation, here replaced the head of the snake woman's head temptress. On the right side of the abdomen - version "Judith" Giorgione 1504: symbol sly seductress, a devotee of a noble man.

Dollar bills, skyscrapers and automatic with the acronym US talk about love prisoner to the lifestyle of the American Mafia. Eyes mean "I'm watching you" (with the other inmates in prison or camp).

On hand under the image of the skull is written in Latin phrase Memento Mori, which means "Remember that you are dust».

Double-headed eagle - a symbol of Russian statehood, rooted in the XV century and were used by Peter the Great. After the fall of communism in 1991, he replaced the hammer and sickle on the arms of the Russian Federation. The photo was taken during the Soviet period, whereas in the form of a tattoo of this logo was a sign of hatred for the Soviet Union. It can also be interpreted as "Russia for the Russian" or "For Russia without Jews, hachey and Marxist-Leninist." Statue of Liberty indicates a longing for freedom, and dark character with a gun suggests that the prisoner is ready for violence and murder. Eyes on the chest means "I see everything" and "I follow", a famous tattoo prisoner belonging to the caste of "looking." Eight-pointed star on the shoulders means that its owner - a thief authority.

The inscription on his right hand: "Take Care Love and Freedom." On the right hand, "sinners." The inscription on his chest: "Everyone - his own." The inscription under the skull, "God against all and all against God." On the wrist written Mein Gott, «My God" in German.

Cowboy with a gun indicates that the thief is willing to take risks and do not miss any calls. Dove carrying branch (left shoulder) - a symbol of good tidings, and get rid of suffering.

Stars on the shoulders of the thief-mark authority. Rose on his chest means that their eighteenth birthday, he met in prison. For abbreviations SOS on the right forearm has several options decipher: "Save the court", "Save yourselves from bitches", "Save yourselves from syphilis," "Save, father, son," "Bitches robbed of freedom».

The inscription on his chest: "Save and Protect". On each side of the cross reads "XB" ("Christ is risen»).

The eight-pointed star on the collarbone points to a high position in the hierarchy of thieves. Bow tie at the neck is often found in the colony. Originally this image was defamatory tattoo. Such tattoos forcibly did the thieves-pickpockets to break the "rules of the underworld" and began working on the administration, they were placed under the images of cats on the clavicle. However, subsequently the connection of this symbol with disgraceful marks disappeared. Dollar sign on the butterfly shows that its owner - or "safecracker," or engaged in money laundering, or was convicted of theft of state property.

This tattoo - a variation of the myth of Prometheus, Zeus deceived and chained to a rock for it to eternal punishment. Ship with white sails means that the prisoner is not engaged in a regular job, he is a thief-towner and prone to running away.

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