Tattoo removal can cause skin cancer

The popularity of tattoos is increasing every day, but at tattoo parlors began to notice a reverse trend. More and more people come to the salon in order to put the image.

The most convenient and fastest way to get tattoos is laser. Effect of laser tattoo removal leaves virtually no residue on the skin. The doctors say that this procedure can cause the development of skin cancer. According to Ian McDougall, Professor of the University of Newcastle, tattoo removal should be done with the use of special equipment, equipped with special lasers. In large clinics have specialized devices that are created specifically for tattoo removal. The problem is that in most small salons use cheap equipment, and lasers to them several times treat the same area of skin in order to bring tattoo. This method of exposure can cause skin cancer. The danger increases if the treatment site is a mole. Due to the fact that on this site several times exposed to the laser, it may form a melanoma – one of the most dangerous forms of skin cancer.



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