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In fact, to make her first tattoo, rebellious Cara Delevingne solved thanks to Rihanna. The singer tattooed his zodiac sign (fish) on the day of the 18th anniversary, invited 20-year-old model girlfriend to do the same. Delevin gathered all my courage in a fist and drove off to the salon, where her lion horoscope, made a symbolic tattoo on his index finger.

My first tattoo !!! Lions rule! Many thanks to Rihanna and Bang Bang! I'm so happy! Rrrrrr ...

Tiger, owl, carp, angel ... Justin Bieber can not stop. Soon the number of tattoos closer to his age. While in the account of the singer 12 images, but up to 19 on the doorstep, and the hand at tattooists light.

Indian on the back of Justin - a tribute to his grandfather. It turns out this is not just an Indian and an Indian, who became the logo of the hockey team, the game is always the grandfather drove his grandson. Childhood memories are now always with Bieber.

Chinese wisdom, tattooed on his side, David Beckham demonstrated in Beijing. Chinese love Becks and let it does not own their language, sunk into the soul phrase he left on his body sports forever. Translated from the Chinese characters, these are fraught with profound meaning: "Life and death depend on the fate and wealth and nobility - from the Sky».

One heart Miley Cyrus is not enough. Not so long ago the singer tattooed two more on his forearm. Helped her in this world-famous tattoo artist Kat Von Dee sketched tattoo paintings of Leonardo da Vinci. Many suggest that the tattoo has a special meaning for the girl, because a relationship with Liam Hemsworth is not so easy. He is constantly on the set, but his heart always beats in time with another, her heart.


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