International beauty contest "Miss Earth 2009"

November 22, the Philippines hosted the final of the beauty contest "Miss Earth 2009". This is - one of the world's most prestigious international beauty contests, which differs from the others in that it serves to protect the environment, and also has a non-standard system for selecting winners: 40% of the external data, 60% of the interviews and environmental projects contestants.

1) Along with "Miss World" and "Miss Universe", "Miss Earth" collects the best beauties of the world, but this competition is an important feature: the beauty ... must demonstrate environmental awareness. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

2) Among the tests for the participants - not just a fashion parade in swimsuits, and the whole action to protect the economy: in the hands of the participants - the calls and banners, and some originalok - pots of rare plants. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

3) In addition to external data, the jury will evaluate the contestants and ardor in protecting the environment. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

4) Contestants stand with signs that only "green" calls. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

5) The poster contestant from South Africa says: "Say NO to over-pack!» (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

6) In the photo: Tomomi Takada of Japan, on her poster reads: "Extend the daylight hours, switch off electric lights when you do not need." (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

7) Total of competition involved beauties from 88 countries. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

8) 88 beauties from around the world declared their personal environmental campaign. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

9) on 14 November the preliminary competition for the title of "Best in a bathing suit." This won the honorary title of "Miss Philippines" Sandra Seifert. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

10) and on November 16 girls competed for the award "Best Evening Dress," which was again a representative of the Philippines Sandra Seifert. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

11) It is said that the contest "Miss Earth 2009" will enter the Guinness Book of Records, as it involves the highest woman in the history of beauty pageants. The growth of "Miss South Sudan" is 195, 5 centimeters. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

12) The title of "Miss Photogenic" awarded to the representative of the Czech Republic. She was chosen by a vote on the official website of the contest. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

13) And the award "Miss Congeniality" is now owned by a girl from Switzerland. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

14) Many beauties - vegetariantki and other general syroedki or adhere to other forms of particularly advanced veganism. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

15) His vegetarianism member-veganki, however, explain, of course, considerations of diets, but only compassion for animals. They say it brings a special arrangement of the jury. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

16) The jury, primarily assess the interview, where the girls speak out about his attitude to the environmental situation on the planet. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

17) The finals took place on 22 November at the Boracay Island, which is one of the five most beautiful island in the world. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

18) And the winner of the contest "Miss Earth 2009" became braziliyanka Larissa Ramos, a student-biologist. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

19) The winner of the contest will have to engage in charity and to draw public attention to the problems of environmental pollution. In addition, she will receive $ 20 000 and a unique crown. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

21) The Crown called & quot; Jewelry World & quot ;, consists of 88 jewels and is by far the most expensive tiara among all beauty contests. All 88 gems were isolated countries in the competition. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)


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