International beauty contest "Miss Earth 2009"

November 22, the Philippines hosted the final of the beauty contest "Miss Earth 2009". This is - one of the world's most prestigious international beauty contests, which differs from the others in that it serves to protect the environment, and also has a non-standard system for selecting winners: 40% of the external data, 60% of the interviews and environmental projects contestants.

1) Along with "Miss World" and "Miss Universe", "Miss Earth" collects the best beauties of the world, but this competition is an important feature: the beauty ... must demonstrate environmental awareness. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

2) Among the tests for the participants - not just a fashion parade in swimsuits, and the whole action to protect the economy: in the hands of the participants - the calls and banners, and some originalok - pots of rare plants. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

3) In addition to external data, the jury will evaluate the contestants and ardor in protecting the environment. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

4) Contestants stand with signs that only "green" calls. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

5) The poster contestant from South Africa says: "Say NO to over-pack!» (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

6) In the photo: Tomomi Takada of Japan, on her poster reads: "Extend the daylight hours, switch off electric lights when you do not need." (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

7) Total of competition involved beauties from 88 countries. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

8) 88 beauties from around the world declared their personal environmental campaign. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)

9) on 14 November the preliminary competition for the title of "Best in a bathing suit." This won the honorary title of "Miss Philippines" Sandra Seifert. (Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters)


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