Tattoos mixed martial arts fighter Alexander Emelianenko decipher?

Mixed martial arts fighter Aleksander Emelianenko - the tattooed Russian sportsman. Brother of Alexander the world-known fighter Fedor Emelianenko, the pride of the Russian sports. His body - a small art gallery. And very kind. His views Alexander perplexed entire criminal world.

"He that - kingpin, thug, authoritative tramp? And why we did nothing about it know? "- Make inquiries about the soldier" authoritative people ».
The fact that professional criminals tattoos - it's like an identity card. Them know can identify all the "glorious path" of man. So on the body Emelianenko along with a pair of fashionable salon tattoos - a lot of criminal. And quite eloquent. The impression is that the athlete has made some walker to the zone. However, Alexander Emelianenko assumptions about his criminal past refutes. He says he does not know what is the significance of his tattoos. And he did them only with the sole intent - that was terrible and terrifying enemies affected. Strange argument. Indeed, opponents of Alexander mostly foreigners, Russian symbolism thieves do not understand. It looks like a fighter is not telling.

I'll try to decipher the hidden meaning of tattoos on the body of Alexander Emelianenko

Stars and web

The first thing that immediately catches the eye - it is typical thieving star. And they are not applied amateurish, and the "right places". On the body Emelianenko four stars - two under the knees and the two just below the shoulders. First on the thieves' language means "I do not put on your knees." The latter also chop all of thieves rules - not on his shoulders, and a little lower. (Now these tattoos Alexander killed some clouds hid type) because the stars on his shoulders - it is uniform. And no self-respecting Urca will not prick in this place "Cop character." But instead of chasing the athlete on the shoulders of another clear symbol - thieves web, symbolizing the prison bars.
"Go for the truth, to erase assholes" -nadpisi on the feet - typical criminal lotion. It is surprising that on the feet of Alexander Emelianenko appeared this phrase, but, for example, not the other, is also quite common - "tread on the cop's throat».

Church domes

Everything is simple. Number of domes is a number of convictions, and the number of windows in the church - period. If you believe the tattoo, Emelianenko was tried twice - three-year and year. I wonder why? The answer to this question can give other tattoos.


Very common in the not so distant places tattooed, informs that its owner fiercely hated prison asset and has a penchant for hooliganism and robbery.


Also the symbol for the robber. And besides, he expresses dislike for cops, prosecutors and judges.

Grave cross

Be sure not to apply itself, and just as Alexander Emelianenko - in the "artistic composition." Indicates that during their stay at the prisoner died someone close. Do not know who and when Alexander died. Condolences.


Again according to the canons of zonovskoy portrayed exactly as Alexander Emelianenko - always with an ax and thrown over the head hood. This figure athlete tells people who know what he wants revenge. And besides, it is recognized that reveres the thieves' law.

«Gott mit uns»

Widespread in the criminal world underwear saying. Translated from the German - "God with us." This phrase was the motto of the SS. Criminals inject it along with a swastika, thereby indicating their hatred towards the state.

"Give youth a return ticket, I already paid for the road" on trapezes

Very popular aphorism in juvenile.

The child in the crown

Another sign saying that the owner of a tattoo sitting in a correctional labor colony for youngsters.

If you do not know about the sporting merit of Alexander Emelianenko, but just looking at tattoos on his body, I have concluded that this person has two previous convictions. Most likely, for hooliganism and robbery. And in early youth. It is "on the youngster" felt most strongly thieves romance. It was there that often makes a contingent of prison tattoos. However, then, freed and matured, many regret these Arts - on the beach do not go out, do not undress. And to reduce the torment. Therefore, the majority tries to kill zonovskoy tattoo what some others - in fact now tattoo fashion. There are a couple of "peace" and the patterns on the body of Alexander Emelianenko. In general, the tattoos on his body - a typical criminal. I will never believe that this man does not understand their meaning.

But he's a brilliant fighter.


Alexander Emelianenko was born in the town of Stary Oskol, Belgorod Region 2 August 1981.

Father: Vladimir Alexandrovich Emelianenko. Mother: Emelianenko Olga Fedorovna. The family of four children: sister Marina, older brother and a younger brother Fedor Vanya.

In 2004, he moved to St. Petersburg. In 2007 he married. Wife - Olga Emelianenko. July 30, 2007 a daughter, Pauline.


From 1987 to 1996 he studied at secondary schools.
In 1999 he graduated with a degree in professional lyceum "Welder».
In 2009 - graduated from the Belgorod State University, faculty of "Economics».

Sports career

In 1988 he began studying judo.
In 1998, the master of sports of Russia in judo.
In 1999 won the first major title - became European champion in combat sambo in Sofia (Bulgaria).
In 2003, the master of sports of Russia in Sambo.
In 2003-2004-2006 became a three-time world champion in combat sambo.
Since 2003, began performances in the Japanese league fights without rules «Pride».
In April 2007, participated in the tournament in St. Petersburg Mix Fight «Russia against America" ​​and brilliantly won his fight. The guests of honor at the tournament became President of Russia Vladimir Obeschalkin, former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the famous Hollywood actor and director Jean-Claude Van Damme.
In March 2009, less than a minute victory over the famous Russian heavyweight Ibrahim Magomedov. The battle took place in Rostov-on-Don.
In October 2009, Emelianenko's debut on the professional boxing ring in Moscow. Opponent Alexander became champion in kickboxing Khizir Pliev for which this poedniko also was the debut on the big ring. The bout ended in a draw.
In April 2010, Alexander Emelianenko became the champion of the league PROFC in the heavyweight division, winning by 40 seconds of the fight by knockout Swede Eddie Bengtsson.
In December 2010, in Khabarovsk lost to Peter Graham in the tournament, organized by the Federation "Fight».


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