Tattoos Alexander Emelianenko

The body of Alexander lot of tattoos. Try to understand - what they mean.

Stars and web

The first thing that immediately catches the eye - it is typical thieving star. And they are not applied amateurish, but in the "right places". The body Emelianenko four stars - two under the knees and the two just below the shoulders. First on the thieves' language indicate "I did not put on their knees." The second and chop all the thieves' rules - not on his shoulders, and a little lower. (Now, these tattoos Alexander killed some clouds hid type) because the star on his shoulders - it is uniform. And no self-respecting Urca will not stab at this point, "Cop character." But instead of chasing the athlete on the shoulders of another clear symbol - web thieves, symbolizing the prison bars.
"Go for the truth, to erase assholes" -nadpisi on the feet - typical criminal lotion. It is surprising that on the feet of Alexander Emelianenko appeared this phrase, but, for example, not the other, is also quite common - via "cop on the throat." Church domes

Everything is simple. Number of domes is a number of previous convictions and the number of windows in the church - term. If you believe the tattoo, Emelianenko was tried twice - three-year and year. I wonder why? The answer to this question can give other tattoos.


Very common in the not so distant places tattooed, informs that its owner fiercely hated prison asset and has a penchant for hooliganism and robbery.


It is also the symbol for the robber. Besides, he expressed dislike for cops, prosecutors and judges.

Grave cross

Be sure not to apply itself, and just as Alexander Emelianenko - in the "artistic composition." It indicates that during their stay at the prisoner died someone close. I do not know who and when Alexander died. Condolences.


Again, the canons of zonovskih portrayed exactly as Alexander Emelianenko - always with an ax and a hood pulled over his head. This pattern tells the athlete knowing people that he wants revenge. And besides, it is recognized that reveres the thieves' law.

«Gott mit uns»

Common in the criminal world underwear saying. Translated from German - "God is with us." This phrase was the motto of the SS. The criminals inject it along with a swastika, thereby indicating his hatred of the state.
"Give to the youth ticket, I paid for the full path" -on trapezes.
Very popular aphorism in juvenile detention.

A child in the crown

Another sign saying that the owner of a tattoo sitting in a correctional labor colony for juveniles.

Here's what he said in an interview with Alexander:
 - Alexander, the next question may appear incorrect, and yet: a forum littered with questions on the subject of where and when you have done tattoos and whether the fact that they symbolize? Could you tell us about this?
 - Frankly, I do not know what to say. All tattoos were made at different times by different people ... As for the symbolism of each tattoo has its own location and match, I can just tell you what each of them represents, for those who are ignorant. For example, on the right hand - the cathedral with five domes. Each dome is 1 year of imprisonment ... Stars on the shoulders - symbolize the honor and dignity of a person, means that he lives by his principles. On the back - is Mother of God.
 - What's that mean?
 - Absolutely nothing. Just like the picture, originally done ... more ... Stars on his knees "say" - NEVER kneel. Pirate Tattoo Art is 167. Of the Criminal Code - robbery. The inscription in Latin - "bold lucky" hope does not require comments. On the back is written in German: God is with us. For me it is a symbol of rebirth or something. On top of the left shoulder inscriptions in Russian. Anyone interested can see in the photo. Below the elbow, on the same hand, depicts the "head" is half cat, half - the skull. The value of something like this can explain man to man - the wolf. This aphorism is probably one of the vital principles. On the shoulder - Wide Web.
 - Speaking of the web on your shoulder. The forum came a question, does your web connection to the Mafia, and, perhaps, all the victories in the battles bought?

 - No, we have the web more important ... the mafia is nothing to do, and my achievements, victories - a great work, and not only mine, it is the coach's job: me doing, as I said Voronov Vladimir Mikhailovich and Michkov Alexander, in many respects, of course, and the merit of his brother.
 - Tattoos hurt?

 - Generally tolerated, but there are certain areas of the skin where it hurts the most discomfort when doing tattoos on his knees, feet.
 - And on the feet too, something shown?

 - Yes ... Aphorisms.
On the question of "decorating" body tattoos - a tribute to fashion or all of what was said is true, Alexander replied: "Yes and no ...".

Online information is contradictory, for what it is - robbery or robbery. But the terms are the same everywhere - was sentenced to 5 years, served 3, 5 years


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