It makes the tattoo that no one sees. But she has hundreds of clients

Patients with serious burns go a long course of treatment, but then they expect the next big test — the ugly scars. And if a small scar on the hand or other part of the body not so worried man, on the face of even the slightest flaws are immediately visible.

But, it turns out, these days there are special medical technology that enables the use of tattooing to make these marks unnoticeable. Meet Basma Majid, the founder of the clinic post-burn correction.

Ninety three million six hundred fifty six thousand one hundred fifty two

She opened the clinic in 2011 in Toronto. Here the patients can hide the post-burn scars with special makeup. The very founder of the medical institution 2 years suffered serious burns to hot oil. The left part of her face was severely damaged. Hamid moved more than 100 complicated procedures – from plastic surgery to laser therapy, but was still pronounced scar red.

When in cosmetology appeared aesthetic tattoo, Hamid began to ponder what to apply paint, it's probably not just for the eyebrows, lips. And she came up with the idea to experience the tattooing of the face. Hamid independently mastered all the rules of the procedure, because the wrong actions could worsen the scar. And then put on the damaged skin paint, matched in tone.

Ninety one million six hundred seventy three thousand three hundred thirty seven

The result fully justified their expectations, and today on her beautiful face scar almost invisible.

Fifty million nine hundred eighteen thousand nine hundred seventy four

Basma opened a second clinic in Chicago. Now she helps her patients to get rid of unpleasant defects of the skin.

Not long ago, her patient was a 17-year-old girl, the victim of terrible injuries: a group of girls poured her boiling water. The girl left many areas with discolored skin, which caused her a lot of discomfort and sadness.

It is thought that this problem will stay with her forever, until she met Basma Hameed.

Thirty three million three hundred twenty five thousand four hundred twenty eight

Hamid uses special pigments that match skin tone and helps to hide the scars.

Seventy seven million four hundred seventy six thousand three hundred thirty

Twenty million nine hundred twenty three thousand six hundred eleven

Sixteen million five hundred thousand five hundred eighty eight

Many people can not believe my eyes when I see the result.

Fifty four million six hundred sixty five thousand seven hundred eighty nine

Basma is paid for conducting micropigment implantation, but when she learns that the people who can't afford to do so, treats them for free.


"I went through a lot because of its problems, says Basma. And I know I'm not alone. Many people go through this the hard way. I want to pay good coin for what fate has given me the opportunity to regain face. And strive to help so many people, how many can".published  


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