Scars adorn men only

Scars decorate only men, but so have the beautiful ladies. Scars celebrities we see very often, because they are well camouflaged with special cosmetics, and persons under the microscope celebrities we do not see ... Someone Star scars from birth, and who they were as a result of any mischance.

Scars as tattoos, make almost impossible ...

Sharon Stone

The star of "Basic Instinct" received the scar on his neck back in my childhood, when she tried to cross the yard and blended in a highly strung clothesline. Since then, Sharon did not mischief in the yard, and "naughty" in movies.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Scar on the neck of the actress is a consequence of the disease called tracheotomy.

Elizabeth Taylor

In the late actress was almost the same scar, like Catherine. Elizabeth also underwent a tracheotomy.

Queen Latifah

The scar on his forehead Queen, which immediately catches the eye, is innate.


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