As Ford served as the prototype of the Volga

In the world there are two schools of automotive - American and European. They differ not so much the location, as the approach to the creation of the car. "The Europeans" tend to create a practical compact cars and improve technical parameters. "The Americans" - the exact opposite. They fiddle playing spectacular design and comfort of passengers. In our country, the majority of designers have always tended to European school, and only existed at GAZ stable group "Americans". It is they who in the mid-50s assigned to create a new machine that was supposed to replace the "Victory».

In fact, the development of a new car is first conducted by specialists us. They have chosen to address the shortcomings of the model "GAZ-M-20" and improve its performance. The car has received a body type "sedan", changed the line wings, became more spacious interior, the front seat was done separately. In addition, the design of the car made a huge number of improvements: was upgraded suspension, improved quality traction engine, the car has received a new, more convenient transmission. However, to everyone's surprise, the State Commission did not accept this option. For an explanation of the reasons for this unexpected decision must digress.

After the war, our homeland became rapidly as it is now fashionable to say, to change the image - try on the status of a world power. "Victory" is mainly intended to serve mid-level Soviet nomenklatura, it was the official car of the Soviet system. And this car should be no worse than the enemy - the West. Well, if you're not, then at least look. "Victory" adequately carry out this mission. But "nothing lasts forever" - and by the mid 50's car "GAZ-M-20" already looked very archaic. Officials urgently needed a new, more prestigious "workhorse". That is why the option proposed by us engineers, and was rejected: need a car fundamentally different, modern style.

And then remembered the "Americans" with GAZ. In their favor was another fact. Since the "Victory" has been continuously improved in the course of production, by 1955 there was a favorable situation: the outdated body design motor, transmission and chassis were very modern. Therefore, to accelerate the development of a new model, it was decided to use the engine and transmission of the "GAZ-M-20." So, needed a new body.

Role models, Soviet designers have found rather quickly: in the next year bought Chevrolet Bel-Air, Ford Mainline and Plymouth Savoy. Engineers GAZ long suffered the problem of choice and stopped at "Ford" - although the Americans believed Mainline rapidly aging model and in 1955 changed its design, providing fashionable while panoramic steklom.Nesomnenno, it was impossible to fully adopt all the features of this car, so to case joined designers under the direction of Leo Eremeeva. And created, in fact, a masterpiece of Soviet car design, especially in the final version. Moreover, the 21st "Volga" got almost all foreign books on car design.

But some features of the American automobile industry still remained, what can ubeditsya listed below on the photos.

The same Ford Mainline, purchased the plant:

Ford on the roads of Moscow:

GAZ-21/22 "Volga»:


GAZ-21/22 "Volga»:


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