Engineer Ford created a car air that condenses drinking water from the air

In many modern car models are air conditioned. They make even the hottest summer does not affect the ride comfort. Got in the car, turned on the AC and go in the shade, oblivious to the scorching sunlight outside. The water drainage from the evaporator is performed under the vehicle, so often under the car with a working AC you can see the puddle.

Doug Martin, one of the engineers of the Ford company has decided that water should not be wasted in vain. He created a prototype system that collects the water of the evaporator, cleans it and turns to drinking. Not a drop of water is wasted — all is used. The driver and passengers get the opportunity to cool off in the way of clean and fresh water. This catchment system for the car called "On-The-Go H2O".

Martin began work, inspired by the idea of the drip pan from Peru. This system also condenses water from the air and turns it into drinking water. In fact, the water collects the Billboard, which is both social advertising and the source of drinking water. "These billboards can be placed in different places where most needed drinking water," says Francisco Kilka, one of the participants of the project. In Peru, little liquid water, but the humidity is about 98%, that is, to extract water from the air is quite simple.

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The system uses the process of reverse osmosis for water purification. After filtration, the water is transported in tanks with a volume of 20 liters each. In three months the Billboard of this type collects about 9450 litres of drinking water. It is quite a lot. If you consider that one person to drink in a day needs about 2 liters of water, the Billboard can provide safe water for 50 people. And this is just one Billboard. If they install a few, then enough water for a small village.

Doug Martin decided to try to make a similar system for the car. The work he leads not himself, and together with John Rollinger, his colleague. Collected from the air the water is purified, as mentioned above, and is pumped into a special tank. And from there it can collect in the Cup, just open the tap.


The performance of the system sufficient to provide water for all passengers in the vehicle. In one hour, the system "water from air" can collect about 2 liters of clean drinking water. In the city or cool areas, the method of obtaining water may not be useful. But here in the desert, or simply arid region, it's just a gift. The water, if it is not needed, you can simply run and pass to a man who was very thirsty, being far away from the source of drinking water.

If necessary, any water can be run through a cleaning system and turned into drinking. The project is a prototype, but the inventor hopes to make the system "On-The-Go H2O" available to all. When that happens, unfortunately, is unknown.

Employees of Ford motor company suggested a few interesting ideas. This, for example, the app "Phone as Car". The idea is to allow any driver of a Ford to adjust the climate control the car without digging in a pile of menus and settings. One click, and all systems of the car operate in the usual way. With the advent of Autonomous vehicles, such a system can also be useful. For example, the user invokes robotaxi that comes with preferred this man microclimate and configure all other systems.

In the Appendix there is a function transfer. The passenger in the car can use this function in conjunction with the Ford Sync platform in order to communicate with the driver in plain to language. The driver says a few words in your language, Sync and translates them and transmits to the passenger. The developer of this system decided to create something similar after a trip to China, where he did not understand anything of what I say to him taxi drivers in this country.


And another development from the Ford engineers is a hoverboard on wheels, which received the name "Carr-E". The system development is still in progress, but now the hoverboard can roll up the passenger at a speed of 15-20 km/h. This system, according to its developer, is perfect for transporting the person with a load (for example, bags from the store) for a short distance. The system can move independently, in the follow mode. In this case, a person goes home from the store, and the hoverboard obediently carries all purchases.

According to representatives of Ford motor company, none of the submitted projects will not be implemented in the coming months. But the hope that these projects will still be implemented there.

All of this is a side project. As for the major, but now the company is intensively working on that, by 2025, to establish mass production of drones. Now the staff do much to ensure that such robotic vehicles have become available not only for rich people, but those who can not afford expensive car.

The first batch of these drones will be released in 2021. But to work these robomobile will be as a taxi. According to the company, the drones Ford no steering, no pedals, and the driver is not needed here.published




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