The history of the Ford Mustang legend

a brief history of the evolution of

After the Second World War, the competition in the American automotive market has increased dramatically, Chevrolet and Ford butting for life, not death. Chevrolet was a little ahead and then, Ford began to think about the issue of the vehicle, through which all will turn, Ford will take a leading position. Time required fitting the car, but what kind of ... Some suggested a small little car racing, other sports were going to do a monster.

As a result, I won by a group headed by Lee Iacocca. High performance, athletic and at the same time looks elegentnaya + relative low cost, thus saw the perfect car at the time Mr. Lee Iacocca.

Ford began to dig deeper, there was a huge amount of various surveys, as a result of the creators presented a clear picture of the new "revolutionary" car.

History Ford Mustang began in the morning of March 9, 1964. It was then published a first generation of one of the most popular sports cars of our time.
As expected, the legendary success began with a loud failure. In the early 60's model of the "Edsel" of the company "Ford" was unsuccessful. About the new experiments are not out of the question, but sales manager Lee Iacocca knew he had to take the risk. After going through the mountains of customer letters and having considered the demographics, the team I brought cocci coming breakthrough formula "Baby Boomers," the children of soldiers of WWII, will double the demand in the market. They will choose the new machine: the prestigious but cheap, sporty, but a universal, European, but American.

There was a competition among designers "Ford", who won the Dave Ashe, presented the concept refers to the image of a wild cat. Dave called his Cougar (Panther), but the board stopped at Turin («Torino") - on behalf of the Italians, who met Henry Ford. "It is easier to construct doors and roof than to come up with the name" - lamented Iacocca. The revolutionary design of the machine fit into some US $ 2368 base price. It was a non-standard style four-seater coupe. Designers are not stopped at two and four places for a specific purpose - the machine must demand and family people. Leading rear axle, 3-RANGE-band automatic, V6 and V8 (volume 2 8 L with a capacity of 110 horses, 4, 2 l and 4 to 7, with 110 l. V. And 210 hp.). Two doors, narrow bumpers, deep set radiator.

In the end, just before starting the machine a series of priority given name Mustang, and the car was his similarity is not an animal, but a fighter P-31 Mustang of the war with a very distinctive silhouette: long fuselage and a very small cabin is the best fit in the overall picture cars. A corresponding mark in the form of a galloping horse has been developed on the basis of names.

Already in 1964, the demand is five times higher than expected.
In two years, "Mustang" brought $ 1, 1 billion net profit. And it is in 1964 dollars! Detroit Magazine «Consumer reports» acknowledged that "Mustang", "built in such a fantastic time frame is almost devoid of workmanship." Americans dare "Mustang", as well as key chains and caps with their image, making the car a cult. A cross between a wild cat, horse and overcame the Italian ocean. In 1966 in Europe there was a film in which 30% of screen time held Ford Mustang.

He absorbed the spirit of providing "weightlessness", born when America and Europe were at the zenith of prosperity. The rhythm of rock 'n' roll, having pressed the gas pedal to the floor, cheeky America 60s roared flew toward happiness, love and rock. The phenomenon of "Mustang" - the case where the calculation and art merge into graceful symbiosis.

Following modifications were sports developed jointly by the famous Carroll Shelby, the efforts of experts which has been created the legendary Cobra. If Shelby has not created a "Cobra», Mustang would not be the legendary car, which he is. Played by Shelby GT-350 car engine gave out 306 hp. s., and in a special racing Shelby GT-350R - all 360. Only in 1966 model year, the GT-350 also establishes a mechanical supercharger brand Paxton, enables us to achieve certain engine RPM to increase the capacity of 420-430 horsepower.

And yet, time required for new solutions. These decisions are affected will be more powerful model 1966 «Karrol Shelby GT 500". Only the horizontal bar in the grille was gone, decorative air intakes to the rear wheels have been added to the air dividers, covers and decorations have been shuffled. At the same time it has been standardized 6-cylinder engine. Series V8 engine has continued to exist in the future. Of course, if someone is not happy, and 271-strong "heart", it could order the equipment from Cobra dealers Ford. After all, as 350 liters. from. - A very respectable quantity. Meanwhile, rivals Ford Mustang was not considered a full-fledged "muscular" cars because of its small size. For sports cars in this class have come up with a special term - «pony-cars», «pony cars."

This nickname was hidden mockery Mustangom: first, distorts its proud name; secondly, emphasized that, by the standards of a true "freedom-loving" Americans, Mustang is still too small; thirdly, power and speed, it is also not enough. However, the last statement from year to year has lost its relevance. Worse than the other - "fordovtsy" came in the wake of constant jokes on the dimensions of the car and he decided to "grow up". As it turned out, it was a fatal mistake.

By 1967 model year Mustang in length and in height added by a few centimeters. Accordingly, the transformation undergone most of the body panels. Especially changed fastback, whose rear window and trunk lid are now located on the same line. A choice of eight power units - from the row "six" in volume of 3.3 liters and output of 115 hp. from. until the new V8 in volume of 7014 cubic meters. cm., developing 355 "horses". Set seven-liter engine (it was completed with only the coolest Mustang - Shelby GT-500) has been made possible as a result of extension of the engine compartment. Now, the car could compete on equal terms with the main "muscular" star - Chevrolet Camaro SS396.

and menne eminent Plymouth Barracuda

By the way, in 1967 Karrol Shelby transferred all rights to the production Mustang Shelby with the prefix Corporation Ford Motor, refused to participate in the preparation of subsequent versions of the sports car. Of great interest is another option that year, hydromechanical transmission FMX, gear which can be carried out both automatically and manually (today why it is considered that such a box - the achievement of technological progress of recent years).

In 1968 there were changes in the lineup of engines - two new eight-cylinder engine. From the moment the buyer Mustang became a difficult choice of the ten power plants of 3.3, 4.7, 5.0, 6.4 and 7.0 liters, with the following gradations of power: 115, 120, 195, 230, 250, 271, 320, 325, 335 and 390 horsepower.

April 1 sale the modification of the Shelby GT-500KR seven-liter engine with the Ram Air 428 Cobra Jet, a larger area of ​​the valve plates and a special air intake system, which in the official capacity of 325 liters. from. easily developed 410 hp. from. Up to 97 km / h GT-500KR dispersed for 5, 4 seconds and a top speed exceeding 250 km / h. However, a departure from the classic image of the sample machine in 1964 a negative impact on sales: in 1966 it was sold 620000 Mustang, in 1968 - already 320,000, but this figure is ten times greater than the result of any other "muscular" cars.

In 1969, the Mustang was waiting and repeated this time for capital improvements. At the same wheelbase length of the car has increased by 10 cm, weight - 60 kg; in the lineup were new versions - Cheap E, dear Grande and the Mach 1 c 335-horsepower engine.

Great interest was aroused by the appearance of a series of Boss. Mustang Boss 302 with a 290-horsepower engine designed to combat Chevrolet Camaro Z28 racing series Trans Am, held on oval tracks.

Mustang Boss 429 was created to participate in a series of NASCAR. The car was equipped with eight-cylinder engine capacity of 375 liters. s., developing a torque of 611 Nm at 3400 r / min, and many parts are made of light alloys. Installing a large powerful engine was the cause of the audit front suspension, which resulted in the changed places of fastening of shock absorbers and double wishbones were lowered by 25 mm. Boss 429 also received a four sports transmission, the oil cooler and the best interior. Externally, the car was different with a huge hood scoop, spoiler and extended wheel arches. In conclusion, adding that the reliability of the control on winding roads Mustang Boss 429 had no equal.

Since then, the car only improved, was and continues to keep pace with time, Mustang - a living legend ... the eternal legend. The end



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