Famous cine cars

Audi RSQ (I, Robot)

Ford Falcon XB GT Pursuit Special 1973 Car Mel Gibson in the movie "Mad Max»
Ford Falcon XB GT 1973 - The machine is supplied only on the Australian market and had almost nothing in common with the American Ford Falcon. The machine is equipped with a factory spec engine series with Cleveland of 5, 7 liters and a 4-speed manual transmission. Remember black Ford XB GT Max Rokotanski Soupe? "This is the last of the p-to-eight-Ve ... C-to-suck nitrous. Hush-a-hundred power! »

Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, cars in the Nicolas Cage movie "Gone in 60 Seconds».

Dodge M4S 1984 cars Charlie Sheen in the movie "Spirit of Vengeance»
Dodge M4S - the concept of the year 1984, leading to the rear axle, Cost - 1,400,000 dollars. There was a one-off as in 1985 for the film did not create five more cheaper, only one of which was "brought to mind" and was like everything in the prototype shown in 1984 at the exhibition, the other four were to break on the set (in They stood V6, less powerful engine).

When, in 1985, producers began to look for a car for the "Back to the Future," they settled on Delorean DMC-December 1981. Opening up the door and shiny steel body gives the car a futuristic appearance.
However, the manufacturing company DMC, despite the prospect of release machines, faced a lot of problems. Production was stopped before the film was released on the big screens. Unforgivable mistake - in fact popular Delorean tape lifted to the rank of the cult car.

Before David Hasselhoff has begun work on the project "Baywatch", he played in the TV series "Knight Rider." In the film, his indispensable companion was a black 1982 Pontiac Firebird named KITT. Management Kitt carried supercomputer, so the car was able to speak and went on their own much better than when Hasselhoff was sitting behind the wheel.
Pontiac Firebird - cars manufactured of General Motors from 1967 to 2002. Firebird was introduced to the market in the same year that a similar model with him Chevrolet Camaro. Both these cars are created on the basis of a Pony Car and have a big list of interchangeable components and assemblies. In the same year he was also presented and Mercury Cougar.

Red Plymouth Fury 1958 named Christine flashed in the film by John Carpenter, based on the novel by Stephen King. Christina - it's not just a car, it is an object of desire with a supernatural power.
Most of the time Christine goes through the city and crushes enemies of his master. Odanko audience loved it not for his cruelty and for its ability to regenerate itself after any accidents, thereby realizing the dream of every owner.

"The Dukes of Hazzard" Bo and Luke drove through muddy streets of his native county on the "General Lee" - bright orange Dodge Charger with a Confederate flag on the roof and the numbers "01" on the board. Audiences fell in love with the car for his incredible jumping over buildings, ponds and even a train.

No less machine time audience loved "Ektomobil» Cadillac 1959 of "ghost hunters". It leaves a group of parapsychologists to fight evil spirits. It looks pretty extravagant this car: it is decorated with wings as fins, emergency lights and sirens. Provided "Ektomobil" and on the technical characteristics: it has 6, 4-liter V-8 engine capacity of 325 hp and automatic. The creators of the "Hunters" managed to make such a car, when you look at that you immediately remember the name of the movie.

The most famous car in the world can truly be considered a silver Aston Martin DB5 1964, which rode James Bond. The first car appeared in "Goldfinger", immediately the audience with its beauty and amenities: this is a six-cylinder engine of four liters, whose power is 282 horsepower, and a four-speed manual transmission, seat-catapult gun, spray oil specially adapted for piercing tires on cars pursuers and retractable rear bullet-proof glass.
Aston Martin - one of the four machines created for captured in 1964 and 1965 "Goldfinger" and "Thunderball».

Ford Gran Torino 1974 (Starsky and Hutch)

Peugeot 406 (Taxi)

A police car from the movie "Surrogates»

The film "Dumb and Dumber»

Ford Mustang from the movie "Death Race»

Porsche from the movie "Death Race»

Camaro "Transformers»

Rubber Duck Mack Truck RS700L from the film "Convoy»

1960 Peterbilt 281 from the film "Duel»

Professor machine from the movie "The Great Race»

Batmobile from "Batman & Robin»

Cars from the movie Fast and the Furious 6
The film begins with a rapid race on mountain serpentine. Dominic and Brian hurtling race car Dodge Challenger SRT8 2012. Externally, the car is different from the one that was shown in the final part of the fifth. Wheel arch extensions are installed under the hood left V-shaped eight 6, 4 liters Hemi under the hood.

In the sixth part of the film the main character Diesel car is the legendary racing car limited edition Dodge Charger Daytona 1969 release. During production of the film ruin the original car did not, because of the high cost of spare parts, and went towards the creation of the seven copies are only superficially look like Daytona. However, some differences from the legend is still visible to the naked eye. For example, pop-up headlights front gave way to fixed, which disappeared behind the Plexiglas.

In the scene of the crash, the hero Vin Diesel is saved in the car Dodge Charger SRT8 2012. For the film was purchased ten such machines installed under the hood of a standard V-shaped eight Hemi of 6, 4 liters.

At the end of the film, when the heroes returned to Los Angeles, from Tourette appears Plymouth Barracuda 1970 release.

Love hero Paul Walker to the lineup of cars Nissan Skyline creators carried through the entire franchise. At the beginning of the film, during the race on a streamer with Dominic, Brian sits behind the wheel of a silver Nissan GT-R, which is virtually identical to the serial version. At the end of the film it appears tuned GT-R by Atelier R's Tuning. We wrote at length about this car in one of the previous articles. See it in action, this GT-R could not, apparently the filmmakers left the whole affair in the seventh part.

During the chase, Brian turncoats, however, as the entire team is behind the wheel of the sedan BMW 540i previous generation, which for the film was disguised as M5.

In pursuit of a tank on a highway hero Walker participated in the legendary rally the English rear-wheel cars - Ford Escort RS2000 1970. Presumably, all seven participating in rec equipped with a standard two-liter were "four" power of 99 horsepower.

At a meeting with Tourette Shaw arrives at a presentable car that also loves James Bond - Aston Martin Vanquish 2006 release. Such machines usually do not actively participate in movies and plays a secondary role.

Beloved Dominica - Letty, who miraculously survived the blast in the fourth part, and lost her memory, in the sixth film in the British car rides Jensen Interceptor 1971 American heart by General Motors (426 hp). For the film it was purchased for a total of four interceptor.

A friend of Brian O'Connor and the title of the film Roman Pearce clown, chasing the tank involved in the white Ford Mustang in 1969. Dies Mustang very cruel death - under the tracks 80 ton tank.

Citroen DS21 (Fantômas)

Flying Taxi Korben Dallas, "The Fifth Element»

The Nautilus Car (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

Jaguar XK140 «Brutal Games»

The car in the film BMW 750iL (L - elongated base 7 cm.), Although the film was shot 5 machines, each in every moment of the film: BMW 735, 740, and of course the 750iL and probably many do not know it!
The most basic - 750iL and 740iL, and in many episodes of the film - 740i, 735, 730i
One of these machines is 3-4 years ago hung on auto.ru. Later, on the hood of her airbrush he appeared as the cover of the film "Boomer". -It Was a personal car Maksim Konovalov - Hero 'Kily' from the movie. He bought this car after the release of the film. His friend gave him a surprise in the form of airbrushing on the hood so as professionally engaged in airbrushing.

Truck of the "Universal Soldier»

Well, as without mr.Bina and MK IV British Leyland Mini 1000)))

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