Tea from herbs: Which herbs and plants you can use and what good are they

As a child I always confused why grandpa doesn't drink store-bought tea "all people", always brew tea with herbs or branches. Years passed and here we are "sat" on these herbal teas and smell them every now and again reminds me of childhood in the village.

Let's look at what herbs and plants suitable for tea and what they're good for.

Tea herbs are those herbs that is pleasant to the taste when brewing. The plants can be used leaves, twigs, buds, flowers, and some types of roots.

Some plants that reveal your taste only in fermentations, and in the dried or raw form, they are pale and grassy taste, these are wild strawberry leaves and strawberries. Or the taste of their weak without fermentation, as in maple leaves.

Plants such as fireweed, you can ferment and you can brew the dried upper leaves and flowers. During fermentation the taste changes to a more full-bodied, with coffee notes cikorievej. Fermented Ivan-tea is one of the most intense taste of tea drinks. Be compared with the density of color and bright flavor can brew oak bark or alder cones, but it is medicinal raw materials do not drink as a tea and as a remedy.

Very bright taste and aroma has tavolga. However, it is so flavorful that not everyone will be able to drink tea only from its flowers, because her taste is bright cloying even. But it is very good as an additive to other herbs, giving the aroma of honey tea setting.


Cherry leaves are good as a separate tea with additives. They have a sweet, slightly tart taste. But if they use no additives other herbs, there is a slight tinge of herbal taste that not everyone likes. Therefore, leaves of cherries (and cherries) can be combined with leaves of oak, maple.

Currant, mint, Melissa, sage, raspberry, chamomile is the Queen (and kings) of herbal tea for delicious, the vitamins, the benefits, aroma. These herbs can be drunk fresh, dried and fermented.

Of forest plants are the main tea bilberry, Heather, cowberry. Bilberry and Heather are gorgeous, delicate, sladkovic, fragrant teas. Cranberry infusion tea gives acidity. Pharmacy and cranberries are generally sour and bitter, perhaps because it is harvested along with the bearberry, which is one with her family and similar properties, but gives the tea a bitter.

If you want to cook the most delicious herbal tea useful, then you need to gather your own hands. Or buy (make a gift) from the good folks that herbs are treated gently, with love, as brothers/sisters of our smaller.

When collecting herbs weed is important not to offend, to speak to her, request you to share some of her leaves, and never take it out completely. When you go to collect herbs are not on your plot, but in the field or in the woods, to greet the spirits of the place and ask permission to collect. Like spirits of the forest/fields and grass, like a caress. Grass and trees can be ironed, sing them songs and prayers. And so the gladness of his heart becomes at this communication, and the plants reciprocate. Well, when there is a place where plants and spirits that protect them, are acquainted with a collector of herbs and are happy with his arrival.

List of tea herbs (leaves, flowers)

1. Ivan-tea (fireweed).

2. Filipendula (meadowsweet).

3. Currants.

4. Raspberry.

5. Blueberries.

6. Cranberries.

7. Mint.

8. Melissa.

9. Catnip.

10. Dead-nettle.

11. Lime.

12. Cherry (cherry).

13. Strawberry (strawberry).

14. Oak.

15. Maple.


16. BlackBerry.

17. Rose.

18. Sage.

19. St. John's wort.

20. Nettle.

21. Thyme.

22. Daisy.

23. Clover.

24. Badan.

25. The lemongrass.

26. Jasmine.

27. Hyssop.

28. Oregano.

29. Lavender.


30. Pear.

31. Heather.

32. The dragonhead.

33. The fennel.

34. The tarragon.

35. Walnut


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