13 benefits "owls" — those who lead a nocturnal

Although in our society have more respect for morning people — "larks", who are early to bed and early to rise, the life of their opposites — "owls" — has a number of advantages. "Owls", of course, will not find any at the crack of dawn in the fitness centre, and certainly they don't come to the office first. But around 8 PM they still observed a large reserve forces and an incentive to work.

That is, if You — "owl", you have unique abilities and capabilities. At least thirteen.

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That is, if You — "owl", you have unique abilities and capabilities. At least thirteen.

1. The flexibility of the work schedule

Being a night owl, You probably already adapted to the typical schedule of "the lark", is to start work at 8am and finish at 5pm. Thus, You can adapt not only standard schedule, but also to adapt to less common variants of irregular working hours. This feature allows You as the worker to successfully work in the night shift, and as the head is to be available for overtime hours.

2. The ability to meet the leisure time

What owls come to work an hour later than the other, does not mean that they are not doing their job in full. Their productivity can significantly increase in the evening. And when a deadline, "owls" can easily stay at work late or work overtime.

3. Great working opportunities

The ability to maintain a clear dialogue in the evening can be a significant advantage for those who have to work late or whose colleagues are in other time zones.

4. Active participation in society

If You want to defend the cause of peace, to help those in need, contributors in the development of society, being a "night owl" carry it a lot easier.

5. Force on child care

At that time, as "larks" well manage to get the kids to school early in the morning, "owls" are indispensable for child care in the evening hours. Night "owls" have the power to communicate with children, playing games and reading books with them. They are perfectly cope with the task to put the kids to bed.

6. The closeness with teenagers

Circadian rhythms of teenagers are arranged so that the desire to sleep they get closer to 23:00 and later. Must be You didn't know, but teenagers often are waiting for the midnight special — only then can they reveal some important information. To change these patterns of behavior is almost impossible. But "owls" due to their unwillingness to go to bed early, can discuss with teenagers some significant issues when those will be ready to do it.

7. A rich social life

People leading nocturnal, have great physical and emotional reserves to participate in the evening friendly gatherings. For "owls" to enjoy a nice dinner, a drink and chat with friends after a working day — not so tiring. This fact extends the circle of acquaintances and strengthens the friendship.

8. Professional communication without borders

Suppose You were on a business trip. In "owls" plenty of power for communication with colleagues and clients to participate in conferences and meetings. When serious things are solved, You can explore and socialize with work colleagues in the evening in an informal atmosphere. This can be useful for the development of their own horizons and relationships, and for business in General, as these relationships can be useful in the future.

9. Time for physical activity

Evening is the time to exercise, especially in warm season. You can leisurely lunch, and in the evening, at about 7:30 or 8, to devote time to training. You can walk, run, ride a bike or visit the gym. In the morning, usually much time to workout there. But night owls can enjoy plenty of sports activities, no matter what distractions.

10. The spirit of cooperation (paired)

For "owls", for example, is amazing fact: how can sober reason at 6 in the morning! But for "larks" is absolutely fine. There are couples who can not withstand the difference between biorhythms and destroyed. But there are those who, on the contrary, support each other and are well adapted.

11. Time for preparations

Night is a wonderful time to prepare yourself and your family for the next day. You can cook porridge in the morning, pack a bag (or briefcase for a child), wash fruit, to prepare the teapot etc. If You "owl" the best of all similar things to do in the evening because in the morning to deal with them You will not be able.

12. The tendency to self-development

No matter how You tried, but if You are a true "owl", to force myself to sleep earlier 10-11 PM will not work. But You have a lot of free time that You can miss or use for their own self-development.


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Rest at night gives enough time and space to think deeply about everything that happens in Your life: whether it be dreams, career, finances. Dark serenity that can help to carefully consider the current situation. Thus, the "owls" can think strategically: to identify sources of existing problems, to lay the Foundation for future opportunities, determine the next steps that will help to realize all our plans.published  



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