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Happy new year friends! Joy and happiness in the new year! :-)
Well, why not, in the court in 2013, and my project has fulfilled its main purpose - to inspire people to build a hot rod and custom bikes of domestic trucks. I wrote about this back in 2009, wrote that it will. So it finally happened ... I'm glad!

Start of work on the project - November 19, 2009
Commencement of BZ on the A2 - February 21, 2011
Completion of work on the project ~ 2014.
The project is being built slowly by one person, if necessary, calling friends shabby gravity in a cab, body and other pieces of iron as well as being a breath of any rubbish, polishing or stripping the metal putty =)

All photos and videos in the BZ illustrate the working model of the car in various stages of manufacture but not a finished project.

In 2009, the first time I picked up a thoroughly welding and semi-automatic grinders, experience of working on similar I was missing was just an idea that would like to bring to life.

Engine and transmission
2009-2012, --- & gt; Engine Ford 4.2 V6, automatic transmission Ford 4R70W
2013-forever --- & gt; Engine thought put Mopar 5.2 Magnum but came to the conclusion that it is necessary chtonit really cool, so I started off on the machine from the Viper.
Frame --- & gt; reworked Ford E250
ZM --- & gt; Ford E250
Front suspension --- & gt; independent Ford E250
Brake System --- & gt; Disc vent.tormoza on all wheels Ford E250
Steering --- & gt; Ford E250
Cab --- & gt; Zil 131 Zil 130 empennage, engine shield and the floor redone.
Material body and underbody cab --- & gt; Hot-2mm. steel profiles and sheets (business model) In the future, the production of finishing options from 1mm steel.
Material hind wings --- & gt; Steel 0.7-1.2 mm.

Project Achievements:

Machine of the day on the site Drayv2 x 2
7 months Machine №1 Top 100
1st place in the AE 2012 in the category of domestic custom
2nd place in the AE 2012 in the category of retro custom
3rd place in the Grand Prix of the AE 2012
Project of the Year ZZ-Rod
More than 18 thousand subscribers
Maximum Overdrive in the history of the resource
No commercial basis Project
and the main achievement -
the project is still not tired of me and pleases more and more.

Friends, thank you for your support, indifferent and advice in difficult moments! Year after year, I am convinced that the drive 2 very worthy resource, special thanks to the Administration Portal.


Update as of October 2013. Copley money on the engine from the Viper. V10V10V10V10V10)))))

According database

8.2 The engine (450 hp)
The machine was purchased in 2010. The history of the project.
Do you remember how it all began ... sung in one song)) So I decided to lay out the steps of a long journey, not all the key moments selectively.

I was always the soul of the classic American cars. Among the obvious advantages they stood colossal reliability of all components and assemblies - that that is necessary for building strong ... very powerful machine. There were various options for "Americans", but all of them were either prohibitively expensive or killed in the trash.

Here I want to say thank you to Daniel, the owner of the car shown above with the fact that he sold it to me!
The photo Ford E-250 (Econoline) - Full Size Bed Classic American Van, almost 6 meters long and 2 with a small width. The curb weight of the car - 2300 kg.
Not modest load predetermined powerful spar frame, hardy automatic transmission, rear axle, as well as the 4.2-liter engine.

This machine is not only a great gift for my birthday, but also an excellent foundation for the project.

My donor - a car with a heavy fate. After tuning interior, very high-quality and expensive, this van ... drip steering gear. Ride servis.dobrye wizard with the words "everything is ready" ... ride home, the rate of 140, turn the wheel turns freely on the wheels ... braking, flying into a deep ditch, a coup and a trip on the roof between pines and birches (it was winter ...). It was found that the "master" forgot to tighten the bolt of the steering shaft ...) () () () (As nothing happened, he did not know until now ...

When it came to transportation, telephone calls began tow and no one was able to help ... except for the guys on the hefty four-wheel drive KAMAZ! It was their first trip, the car they just bought.

Body led, so it was completely dismantled

The frame is a little poryzhela

Prepare for parsing and cleansing of rye

Before attempting to pull the body of the Volga, funny?

Rama - like new!

With the bases exploration bought a cabin by drilling the polar station, which is directly removed from the machine (ZIL 131). Machine since 1976 has worked all his life at the pole, had double glazing, bars on the windows, warming fur salon and ... rotten bottom =) found in the cabin, even ancient rusty ledostupy;)

Cabin in the frame is not something that did not get up ... what to say so softly ...))
In general, after a total rework of the bottom and the superstructure below the cabin looked like not on a piece of granite, not on the trash))))

In Zilu sitting is uncomfortable, not like to drive, especially with my height (1.89 m). Pedal assembly brought forward by 15 cm, it became easier, much more! If you move back, you can throw a leg over the other, and if you straighten your legs, then I for example not reach the pedals))

Understated rear suspension 6 cm by tampering spring shackle. Now 130th uniform height)

As for the suspension. Here the car is impossible to do. The frame is really bulky, the cabin is fixed to the lowest possible height. The front springs are cut to a half turn. First, cut off more and ... car lay on the bumpers ((I had to redo it. Such is the kinematics of the suspension that the present embodiment is stored minimum allowable its course. On the back of a little bit easier, but had to sweat. First ochchen was difficult to unscrew soured in bushes bolts earrings . Second was lucky that was available became necessary to preserve the strength of the thickness.
And one more thing - because of the long base and the design features of the machine mounting, the resulting ground clearance is minimal, with less I'm just not going away from the garage, hang on his belly on the floor en route to winning)))

As a result, the height of Zila is 1.90 m, the standard Zila 2.40, so that the difference is no less than half a meter) at the wheels decided to leave the front wheels, but to expand a little rut by spacers, 245/75/16 tires will be back but will splicing and rubber in the area of ​​295-315 / 70 / R16. It must be nice to look.

Sometimes I visited suicidal thoughts))

In comparison with our seagull))

Exhaust simple as 5 cents, two 63 pipes go into the bank F76mm, the difference in length is made deliberately to sound was Bububu)) Material stainless

Dad said I'm tired of my car to pick one person and has made me a gift chudnenko front bumper)

In comparison with the stock 130m) The photo shows a difference in height))

One of the main stages of the project. The main reason - a car built for himself, for fun. And with the long wheelbase is still negative pops up (Well, very clumsy car - to leave the garage to do a lot of permutations between machines, columns and so forth. It is not gud.

Body shot, drive, tank, lines removed, sharpened saw)

Oh my God! What have I done! =)))

After changing the aspect ratio, the car has got a new type.

That something like that =)

Terms of painting: a garage, a wet floor and horseradish light

Painting: Acrylic

Color: apelsinka

Result: chumachechy =)

Collected door podsobral salon.

There were many questions on the round hole in the dashboard, the photo shows that there will be)

To the left and right of the clock is stylized chrome inscription "ZIL 130»


I made a decision - the laptop will not, all media will be hidden from view as much as possible to be.

One could not, put up three)) It is very tight and the risk of damage during installation paint large)

While he was just black and looks like this.

1. The rear wings at the moment are in such a state that's

2. Cover the glove compartment. I was looking for her for a long time, eventually he withdrew ferrous metal crushed under the cab 131go ZIL after taking the jack and pulling mutilated roof. Align, he cleaned of rust and set. While decided to paint it in black.

3. The instrument panel. Long thought what to do with the devices. Even at first they need anyway. As a result, Ford took a plate, remove the glass, cut and drove housing, manufactured from a new Plexiglas and set into a regular place in the ZIL) pervosti be so.

4. Examples sunshield and mirror

5. Continue the preset music. Sub replaced the glove compartment in the tunnel. Mats and finish the tunnel ahead. I make sure the sub was not superfluous.

6. continuing to engage in the stern.

And the final

Source: www.drive2.ru


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