Avtolegendy USSR. Trucks ZIL-130

Avtolegendy USSR. Trucks ZIL-130.

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ZIL-130 - Soviet and Russian Truck Production Plant. Likhachev. I replaced the ZIL-164.
Developing long-term car ZIS-125 (future ZIL-130) began to plant them. Stalin (VMS) in 1953. The first prototypes were created in 1957. In September 1962, it began series, 1964 - mass production. One of the most popular Soviet truck. A total of ZIL was produced 3.38 million vehicles until 1994. C was produced in 1992 at the Ural Automobile Engine Plant (UAMZ). In 2004, after renaming the enterprise in the Automobiles and Motors of the Urals (AMUR) received the sectoral index AMUR-53131.
It was quite modern for those years, the car is much better than its predecessor ZIL-164. ZIL-130 was equipped with power steering, synchronized 5-speed gearbox, Triple cabin with windscreen washer. The vehicles were equipped Engine preheater. It was subsequently introduced transistor ignition, alternator, modified instrument panel. Later, it was applied the changed design hinges driveline and other innovations. Cabs early cars had two ventilation hatches in the roof and duct hatch on the left side of the cab above the clutch pedal. Then the hatch was removed. In the seventies it was abolished sunroof first left and then right. Before 1970, the board had cars Depth 685 mm Depth later was reduced to 575 mm. For the mid-60s it was considered revolutionary appearance pneumatic drive glass cleaner. In addition, in the winter time the driver could not longer afraid of the cold, as the new interior car heater characterized by increased levels of productivity, and therefore, even with fierce frost in the cab ZIL-130 was warm and the windows were not covered with steam.
The car has received the engine, the design of which had much in common with an engine representative model ZIL-111, it is - as a V-shaped 8-cylinder, but a smaller working volume, calculated on the principal while the USSR gasoline A-76 and a two-chamber carburettor K-88AE with a falling stream, balanced float chamber, and maximum speed limiter instead designed to achieve high power performance at the Four-chamber passenger version.
New ZIL is characterized by simplicity of its operation, strength and durability. In addition, repair and maintenance of truck inherent simplicity. ZIL-130 overcomes the great roads far imperfect coverage and in the conditions of the route can reach speeds of up to 100 km / h. Perhaps the main drawback of the car is necessary to allocate a significant fuel consumption, which is 30 liters per 100 km.
Loading height of the car body (board or van) was 1300-1400 mm, which is identical to the arrangement of the floor of the railway vehicle, this allows the transshipment of goods without the use of loading ramps warehouses.
Attestation Commission Decision in 1973, the car "ZIL-130" was awarded the State Quality Mark USSR.
On the origin of the ZIL-130 there is a popular legend, if the car drawings were received in the order of the USSR reparations from defeated in World War II Japan.

ZIL-130: the first prototype

ZIL-130, one of the earliest images of experienced


ZIL-130 - basic onboard vehicle (chassis and special vehicles)

ZIL-130V1 - tractor



ZIL-138A - board (and chassis for special-purpose vehicles) gas-cylinder


Crane KS-2561 on chassis ZIL-130

Tipper ZIL-MMZ-554 carrying capacity of 4 to 5 tons


Tipper ZIL-MMZ-555

(I was a toy, dreamed of becoming a driver)



ZIL-130g - board (and chassis for special-purpose vehicles) long wheelbase (4500 mm base).

ZIL-130V1- tractor

Tanker for the transport of flammable liquids TSV-6 on the chassis ZIL-130

Refrigerated MILAC-890B chassis ZIL-130, manufactured in 1965 Lutsk machine-building plant




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