ZIL-157: A second chance for a legend

Older people, of course, is well remembered-wheel-drive trucks ZIL-157. This phenomenal on the cross for his time machine with a characteristic appearance, as it preserved the memory of the war years, is no longer found on our roads.

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But the ZIL-157 and its numerous modifications is an important milestone of the domestic automotive industry. With a powerful and reliable engine, three major bridges and a special winch for self, this car could lead a caravan way to the distant encampment in the Far North or winter cabin in the Altai. Workaholic ZIL-157 was not afraid of Ukrainian black earth, not viscous, sucking clay median strip or loose sand deserts of Central Asia, so has earned the right to a detailed story about yourself.

For its time, it is not just a good car - it's a masterpiece of technical thought, also very beautiful. Why are only the magnificent wings on which to recline comfortably by adjusting valves or picking his timer. Or are wide and comfortable, made under the tarpaulin boots steps. Or cowl flaps and radiator grille with the once proud name ZIL. These noble proportions and the beauty of the lines ...

I've always liked this car. It would be desirable to have such, but just do not know what I will do with him. Agree, as a truck, this machine is interesting very limited number of people. In its intended use today use inadvisable, but for small travel great company ...

With this project received a curious story. During another trip to Cuba, my friends from the tourist company "Gaviota" showed old ZIL-157. It was used in the mountains to transport tourists to the falls. The question was asked: Is it possible today to buy a car, a bit further developed and certified to transport people?

To convert a truck into a comfortable bus no one had planned. The task was more modest: to make the car even more utilitarian utilitarian in the sense of simple and convenient to carry extreme tourists.

As for the design, for the tasks of the machine grabs the eye, so improvements were reduced to a few improvements to the engine, the loading platform-body adjust to a comfortable (as possible) landing and transportation of people, apparently having limited only cosmetic procedures.

We went to all-wheel drive chassis ZIL-157K with military acceptance 1961 issue in a very good condition and the city is only 700 km.

In addition to the winch to overcome swamps, snow and loose sand to help control the system air pressure in the tires. Winch retrofit units, allowing the guide wire not only forward but also backward.

The engine and transmission units left all the "native". Just raise the compression ratio under the 92 th gasoline and built a "Tchaikovsky" K114 carburetor. Variable valve timing will increase the capacity of the engine. Fuel consumption at the same time decreased slightly.

To soften the suspension removed three sheet springs in the rear suspension is planned to put the equalizer and even shock. Nameplate capacity of 4000 kg machine is no longer required ...

The plans of the replacement tires on the softer sandwich. "Oak" tire bad prominaetsya low pressure riding on soft ground and dirt fails badly. By car already standing telescopic shock absorbers on the front axle, there is a well working system of centralized control of air pressure in the tires. But GUR not, but its setting is also in the plans. Complete replacement of lubricants and fluids will improve performance.

Flatbed Truck on ZIL-131 stood as a native. It took only lengthen the frame by 60 cm and make a ladder-a ladder behind the cab for planting-disembarkation of passengers. Completion of the loading platform was to create a power structure and a metal roof.

Instead of benches installed plastic seats: a total of 22 seats, plus two in the cockpit. We ordered a side of the tent from the rain. When redeveloping comply with all rules and regulations. Repair finished painting machine yascherichny green.

The back of the frame has a tow bar to pull a trailer or a field kitchen - this tractor more capable. Cost of it is low - 9-12 thousand dollars.

For serious off-road, unfortunately, was unable to travel. But I am sure that this tourist ZIL customer does not disappoint, because it is "Zakhar!"

Ahead of certification. This is not just a car, and the car-attraction to it is subject to special safety requirements as to the attractions. For the design of such facilities requires a license. In no other way out.

As for our ZIL-157, it turned out that we need it for inspection by the fortifications on the "Stalin Line" or a safari in the Bialowieza Forest.








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