Top 7 zabroshek capital

1. Hovrinskaya Hospital.

The hospital is the most famous abandoned buildings in Moscow and attracts many people. Zabroshki Construction started in 1980 and completed in 1985. In modern times, the building is in an unfinished state, and belongs to the city of Moscow. According to preliminary plans abandoned hospital will be demolished, and in its place will be the construction of new housing.

Planning Hovrinskoy abandoned hospital.

View of the building is original and not quite typical for an administrative structure in the Soviet period. Hospital building is shaped with a triangular cross extra branching at the ends. The hospital has 2 buildings: the main building, reminiscent of the shape of a star and Ophthalmic building, which was located a mortuary and crematorium.

2. Blue tooth.

"Blue tooth" is a building height of 22 floors and a total area of ​​100 thousand square meters. The building is located near the metro station "South West" and well observed from the surrounding areas. The building consists of metal, concrete and blue glass, which are facing an unfinished skyscraper. "Blue Tooth" is built on 85%, but is an extremely dangerous place for all visitors. The unfinished building is a lot of unfinished elevator shafts. Almost everywhere you can find pieces of rebar sticking and unexpected breaks. Together with the lack of coverage of the building, "Blue Tooth" is dangerous even for adults. In this regard, the building is surrounded by a fence and round the clock security.

Plans for the use of "Blue Tooth».

At the moment, "Blue Tooth" is owned by the Russian Federation and for sale. The amount of possible foreclosure of an abandoned building is estimated at 150-250 million dollars, and the cost of completion of $ 50 million.

3. Aquadrome.

Waterpark "Aquadrome" was originally planned as a recreational complex on the highway Aminevskoe (metro station "Kuntsevo"). The history of the abandoned building starts in 1997. It was then, on the eve of the World Youth Games, has been developed and approved a plan to build a water park. Construction was planned to produce in the course of 3 years, by the year 2000. The developer CJSC "Aquadrome" produced in accordance with an approved construction project, but because of problems with the investors, the construction of the building has been suspended and all contracts terminated. In 2005, the Moscow authorities have canceled the land lease agreement with CJSC "Aquadrome" to pay him about 820 million rubles. Since 2000, the water park in Kuntsevo is an abandoned building, and at the moment is in poor technical condition.

Plans for the use of an abandoned water park "Aquadrome».

In 2007, an auction for the sale of an abandoned water park. According to the results, the winner of "FinLend" has paid more than 900 million rubles. Currently, on-site water park is planned to build a shopping and entertainment complex. As of 2012, the construction works on the territory of "Akvadroma" are not conducted.

4. Abandoned Laboratory VIEV.
VIEV - All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine named LR Kovalenko. VIEV carried out its work from 1918 to 2003. and located not far from the metro station Kuzminki. In 2003, after the decision of the Government of Moscow, it was decided to move the Research Institute at the Ryazan Avenue. Abandoned building VIEV became the property of the estate Kuzminki Museum. It is known that for all time of the laboratory, it was quite a lot of dangerous experiments on animals. Question disposal of animal carcasses and used chemicals currently remains unclear.

Plans for the use of an abandoned laboratory VIEV.

Currently, the laboratory building will not be used. All remaining on the territory of chemicals will soon be removed. The very same building abandoned laboratory VIEV undergo demolition and checking on the possibility of leakage of hazardous chemicals.

Warning: dangerous chemicals were left !!!

5. Schkola Zoe and Alexander Kosmodemyanskiy.

School Zoe and Alexander Kosmodemyanskiy located in Moscow since 1956. That year, in memory of all the graduates who died in the Great Patriotic War was held to rename the school and assign it the status of an object of history of federal significance. Over the years, the school building has decayed and come to an emergency condition. Officially, the school moved to a new building and the old was closed. Since then, more than 10 years, the old school building is located in a derelict state.

Plans for the use of an abandoned school Zoe and Alexander Kosmodemyanskiy.

The government decided not to demolish the old school building, and reconstruct it. It covered a lot of drawings to design and restoration. Currently options are under examination. Terms reconstruction abandoned school permanently transferred. According to recent reports, the school should open its doors on September 1, 2013. However, the reconstruction of the school has not yet started.

6. ZIL!
Likhachev Plant (ZIL below) begins its history since 1916. That year, it was decided on the basis of the Automobile Plant AMO. Initially it was planned to sample production Fiats in 1915. But in 1918 the project was nationalized, and production stopped. At this point, the plant managed to collect more than a thousand trucks of Italian type. From 1919 to 1923 he worked mainly ZIL car repairs and production of engines. Also, the plant was in the tank the program, during which the tank 24 was manufactured engine. Since 1925, the plant was renamed the 1 st State Automobile Plant. In 1927 he was appointed director of the IA Likhachev. Since then, the plant begins to grow, producing various models of cars, collected by American licenses. By 1934 ZIL produced about 100,000 cars a year, most of which are legendary ZIS-5. By 1975 ZIL had a capacity to produce 200,000 cars a year, for which he was awarded the Order of the October Revolution. Unfortunately, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the company greatly reduced production volumes. Beginning of the crisis on the ZIL, it caused almost a complete stop car production. Currently the plant Likhachev is in great decline. Many shops are abandoned, and the company's management unsuccessfully looking for funding and sponsors.

Plans for the use of an abandoned factory Likhachev (ZIL).

In 2011, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that "the square meter area of ​​the plant is 1 thousand. Dollars, and its growth potential - at least twice as much." April 4, 2011 has been appointed the new director of ZIL - Igor Zakharov. Currently he is negotiating with ZIL «Sinotruk», «FIAT», «Tata Motors» and «DAF Trucks». The aim of the talks is to establish production of foreign cars in Russia. Unfortunately, the specific arrangements between the companies still do not have. In December 2011, the head of the Department of Culture Sergei Kapkov said that on the territory of an abandoned factory will be renovated old buildings and new buildings erected. It is expected that the updated buildings will be rented by cultural institutions: theaters, galleries and restaurants.

7. The lift on the Sparrow Hills

Not many people know that the metro station "Sparrow Hills", was the name "Lenin Hills." In 1959, at the opening of the station, it was taken two ways. The first exit led to the territory of Luzhniki. The second output represented the escalator lift, leading to the very top of the Sparrow Hills. The lift had a length of 90 meters and worked until 1983. That year began the reconstruction of the subway station, and the lift turned into an abandoned building. The exact reasons for the closure of this part of the underground are not known. According to one version, he did not have enough funding and had to close. According to other sources, the reason for stopping the reconstruction was the location of the lift. According to experts, it is in a dangerous landslide zone, and his recovery was not approved.

Plans to use the abandoned lift at the Sparrow Hills.

Currently, recovery plans and use zabroshki not. During the last 25 years, the building on her own and slowly destroyed.



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