Modern technology allows image processing to provide them with a variety of effects. Including the effect of drawing. When I saw the pictures of Kelvin Okafor, the first impression was that this is the photo with this same effect. The reality turned out to be interesting. With exactly the opposite. It drawings made with photographic accuracy. Using a pencil and charcoal.
According to the official information, Calvin came to the subject of the drawing due to the fact that his family was extremely poor and other entertainment is simply not enough money. Classics of the genre, so to speak. If this is indeed the case, then we must say that it is very successfully chosen a hobby and has advanced in its development. Because now it does not work go below ten thousand pounds. And experts say that the assessment clearly underestimated.
We agree, as the work of the British masters really amazing. And not only affect the photographic fidelity physical appearance, but also very skillful and subtle mood of the character transfer.
Indeed, the talent in the grocery store can not buy.



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