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The most significant events in the world of art and examples of boundless imagination of artists in the past mesyats.Iskusstvo goes on every day in the world there is a lot of interesting projects, which attract the attention of society. Among all the works can identify those who long remembered for its beauty, originality and execution of ideas. Such projects receive recognition and respect that inspires and affects the sense of beauty.

Website has selected for you 20 of the most interesting art projects and installations for the past month.

On the banks of the tyrannosaur Seny5035e8577a.jpg

artist Philippe Pasqua has recently completed the installation of a giant T-REX on the banks of the Seine in Paris. Its skeleton consists of more than 350 chrome bones, presenting a copy of a predator.

Master kalligrafii10772df0a4.jpg


Calligrapher Zhang Keshi down 2-foot brush weighing 50 kilograms in the ink in the process of working on a giant poster in Shenyang. Poster length of 70 × 50 meters, with three characters meaning "Chinese Dream", was presented as a gift to the National Games.

The largest paper fonarikd40be2129b.jpg

In China, we launched into the sky 30-meter-long paper lantern, which consists of 72 parts. Thus, residents celebrate the traditional "Festival of the hungry ghosts." On this day the heavens and the world of the living world, according to popular belief, are open to each other, and believers perform rituals to alleviate the suffering of the deceased.


Participants of the mass practice of yoga in the Paris Grand Palais.

The parade of flowers in Holland


The first Sunday of September the small town of Zundert in the southern Netherlands brightened as ever! It was the world's largest parade of colors. Thousands of spectators came to watch the amazing sculptures of dahlias.

The room, decorated with Arabic vyazyu04d508bbab.jpg


Iranian designer Parastu Foruha offered to enjoy the visual effects, which produces a mysterious letter - Farsi. Taking the white walls, she painted them in Arabic script while creating amazing in its beauty oriental ornament.

Giant flower lotosa0d2304e253.jpg


Korean artist Choi Jeong Hwa established this exhibit at the Museum of Asian Art in San Francisco. Huge flower of red cloth in the wind, causing all the passers-by an indescribable feeling of delight.

The Tower of Babel from the designer LEGO541cc38295.jpg

Students from the US state of Delaware created the world's highest LEGO-tower. After spending 2 months of work and about 500,000 cubes designer LEGO, they built a skyscraper height of 34 meters, 2 meters higher than the previous record. It weighs about a ton of this construction, and the money to buy items for its construction were collected by school management from all around.

Pipes Nicholas Polisskogo5902c09e49.jpg

Russian artist Nikolai Polissky just completed the creation of an impressive 72-meter-high sculpture called "Beaubourg". The complex steel structure, braided birch vine consists of 22-meter tower and the inside-out pipes. Taking the traditional basket weaving technique, the artist, increasing scale, create an object resembling a huge basket.

Geometric land art c432f12ff6.jpg


Artist Louis Fesson presented a series of works entitled "Back to Nature". In it, he tried to enter into the unity and harmonious state of creation of man and nature. Simple at first glance, geometric sculptures resonate in a complex composition.

Knitted ornaments mosta6525db04b6.jpg


In the US city of Pittsburgh, there Bridge, named in honor of Andy Warhol. Recently, a group of artists has launched a project Knit-the-Bridge, which aims to create crocheted ornaments for this huge engineering object. More than 1,800 volunteers assembled from across the country, tied hundreds of things that they then dressed railings, supporting columns, pillars, concrete beams, and even wire.

Multicolored tunnelcfcebb6821.jpg

Last week in Minneapolis artist HOTTEA decorated pedestrian tunnel, creating a stunning installation entitled "Rituals". For its creation, the author and his assistants took more than 2 thousands of threads and 11 hours of continuous operation.

50-foot snake wooden palok4c775fe644.jpg

California artist, sculptor, and concurrently also the furniture manufacturer, Barbara Holmes has prepared the original 50-meter installation in the form of a snake, consisting of thin wood sticks. It is noteworthy that all the materials were found Holmes in the city dump. It's amazing how in the hands of the artist, literally from waste, can be born a unique, interesting and complex art object.

15 pairs of bronze ruk8af2e7fe0f.jpg

To reflect on the diversity of the audience offered handshakes artist Bruce Nauman. The sculptural composition depicting 15 pairs of hands, depicting different gestures: here and friendly handshake and a gentle touch, and everyday familiar signs.

Wooden kolonnyffdb51f4b8.jpg

This huge Gordian knot was built by the Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira, who is known for his ability to integrate harmoniously with the natural features of the city landscape. The installation, which looks like a chaotic tangle of branches and roots, will be located in the Paris Palais de Tokyo until September 9.

Mercedes engine from scrap materialovcc1692c0e4.jpg

New sculpture artist Eric van Hove could serve as an example of hard work for all lovers of contemporary art. For its creation, the artist went to Morocco, where he was seeking materials to build the engine. Coveted V12 was constructed of 53 pieces hand-forged from 35 artists from different regions. And that's not counting the 660 cast bolts made of copper.

Paper sculptures Rogan Brauna429229f5cd.jpg

The other day, Rogan Brown presented new works for its collection of paper sculptures. The author explained that creating new projects, it is focused on natural organic forms. Fragile paper creations literally breathe life, and to create them Rogan took a lot of effort.

Portraits of multicolored skotcha4305d678ff.jpg

The Italian master of collage, aka No Curves, presented to the public their new works. A distinctive feature is that for their creation he used colorful duct tape. Critics point out that the technique, which employs No Curves, is quite complicated, because in each skillfully create a collage fragmented line becomes one of the features of a harmonious way.

Gothic cathedral of wood and precious kamney9fa4c405b4.jpg

Hungarian master inlay Kalman Radwan published works, which show the Gothic cathedrals. The pointed arches and traditional multi-colored stained glass windows, lined with innumerable planks form a single picture, you want to look at the clock. Kalman works with hundreds of natural wood, which searches all over the world.

A huge crater on the streets Hyustona3bb9ee0b05.jpg

180-foot art installation artist Patrick Renner was built of steel and wood, decorated with one of the central streets of Houston.

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