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Art Studio Tugboat Printshop from Pittsburgh known for the fact that its walls are born amazing creative work created so unpopular now technique, such as engraving on wood. Block printing (a print on paper with wooden printing forms) for a long time and enthusiastically engaged the authors of the art Studio, artists Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth. And each wooden form they engrave by hand, what's the big deal, it is easy to guess, even if you skim the illustrations.

Artists are very responsible approach to their work. Indeed, in their case, it is not only the necessity but also the main component of the art project, since each of them consists of hundreds of tiny details, swirls, grooves and bulges, the finest joints and crevices, which form the main pattern. It is time to remember Cinderella, who had been searching the lentils, but her class was much easier in comparison with what day in and day, doing artists and engravers. To perform such jewelry work, you will need perfect accuracy, attentiveness and self-control, patience and perseverance as well as excellent eyesight and a steady hand.

Today, the art Duo working on the largest, most ambitious, and most complex of his work, which is called The Moon. This "portrait" of the moon, which consist of numerous small parts, and each detail is part of the creative feature of the lunar landscape. In Tugboat Printshop forgot to put on the engraving of the lunar seas, oceans and craters, indicate valleys and mountains, and made it so that the heavenly body looks truly alien object so far away, but so beautiful. It is hard to imagine how long the artists was to embody this idea in life, and also how many hours have already been spent on its implementation, and how much remains in the future. The authors plan to finish first my largest engravings by January next year. In the end it will print in grayscale, print size 91 x 82 cm

Wife Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth are working with woodcuts in 2006. During this time they have created and printed a lot of original, colorful, bright prints, without changing the distinctive style that is incredible detail of the drawings and careful study of plots and images.

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