Plastic debris in the world ocean: a photo exhibition of Kim Preston

Australian photographer Kim Preston presented the exhibition "Plastic in the Pacific ocean, which is a series of photos, the protagonist of which is garbage. Environmentalists today talk about the Pacific trash so much in the ocean plastic debris.


A global problem the world's oceans have become garbage. The area of the debris is comparable to the area of the state of Texas, and its volume is 6 times greater than the volume of the plankton. The photographs of photographer Kim Preston, which he presented at the exhibition "Plastic in the Pacific ocean" pieces of the ordinary of garbage are transformed into sea creatures. According to the artist he just recently learned how little has been done to solve the problem of plastic waste in the ocean. This prompted him to create images that inspired people to think more deeply about this issue. "That's the beauty of the destruction. In these photos, no natural beauty, it is rather the traces of human waste," says the artist.


According to Preston, for too long humanity uses the oceans as a dustbin. The aim of the exhibition is to encourage people to think about the consequences that can result from a modern lifestyle. Disposable plastic products that make modern life more convenient — shower caps, bags for frozen foods or for sandwiches — destroying eco-environment of the ocean.

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